Ty Law FULL 2019 Hall of Fame Speech | 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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YungLegend 00 Reply


    MikeBNumba6 Reply

    Dammit you bastard. You just beat me. Oh well I saw the speech in person so there’s that

Jeremy May Reply

His speech was powerful it filled the whole room with shock and I’m glad this beast got into the hall of fame he had awesome career. Great dude

Alex Martinez Reply

Let’s go Patriots!!!

Thomars Carter Reply

& that G. O. A. T. Tom Brady

Gabriel Frias Reply

As a pats fan the defense needs some more credit I always been of a fan of there defense

    mvasqu762 Reply

    As a pats fan, I always loved that defense they was getting stronger over the years when Bledsoe was qb, they were sick a fun squad to watch. That defense grew strong during those years. I remember so many fun games where we were killing it with turnovers. It was so much fun. Ty law, Asante Samuel, Teddy, Ted Johnson, Tobucky Jones, man I was loving that defense over the years. God bless this man.

    Gabriel Frias Reply

    mvasqu762 yeah same here I like how there defense shows peak in January

    Mista Idgaf Reply

    Almost half of the Pats Defense in the 2000s should be in the hof

    David Barton Reply

    I’ll put those defense’s up against any other defense and up against any offense’s!! and they have the RINGS to prove it!! go pats!!!

anandguruji83 Reply


    anandguruji83 Reply


Classic Corporation Reply

My boy should’ve been in!

easy life Reply

He looks like r kelly

Emperor Charlemagne Reply

when you play with the intensity that Ty did, you will succeed. Ty Law is a hell of an inspiration.

    mvasqu762 Reply

    I knew he was h.o.f. material after just a few seasons.

Celtic Bird Reply

Best speech of the night imo, congrats to the 3x champ.

C T Reply

Great speech. Very heart felt

SC_R1P TV Reply

I can’t believe his mum didn’t cry tho…

    Andrew Martinez Reply

    She was like whatever

Susan Bernardo Reply

#gopats I love Ty, congratulations! and the Patriots….but I prefer no eye covers when public speaking. Just my own opinion.

David Barton Reply

thank you ty for all memories and of course the champions!!! you’ll always be a patriot! and a H.O.F

Emmanuel Zanders Reply

Aliquippa Stand up

Nick18 M Reply

Such a beast and Peyton mannings worst nightmare

Tony T Reply

Ty law. Man. What a great teammate and football player

Carl K Reply

Love it ! He’s awesome ! So humble !!

Austin Ahern Reply

Congratulations to Ty Law!!!

Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT Reply

I went to his induction into Patriots hall of fame
It was awesome
Didnt even know it was that day
I went for a preseason game and got to see that as well

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