Two Challenges Awaiting Ravens in Miami | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dylan boofs

Best team in da leauge

Gianluca Scottodifrega

Get the run game going early, set the edge on defense. Generate qb pressure and it should get the job done

king shark

Ok, they must be seeing my comments, lol not…… flores has a few new England coaches on his staff.

Hmmmmm, miami is definitely watching the chargers tape, and got a bullseye on the left guard spot, and will probably stack attack our left side of the line.

I hope greg put Picard in and let some full back leads or gives, or even traps bust up Miami and make them wanna tap out.

Or, we could just striaght go two min offense to open, then smash, and vary our tempo throughout the game. Keep Miami or any team all year, guessing what tempo we will have per series, or even during the series.

But, … seeing this a bonafide trap game, league calling way to many penalties, refs factor in the game, plus all the other stuff, …

Ravens – 26
Miami – 9

Darryl Smith

Gooooo Ravens 50-0

    Lion Thomas


    ManBearPig YT

    Let’s not jinx it


    Now since you’ve said it it’s not gonna happen


Actually, I don’t really care anything about the beginning of the season– because I just saved a bundle on my car insurance with Geico.

Ron Edward

People act like we don’t have Florida boys on our squad. Also, like it hasn’t been hot in Maryland too. The heat will affect them just as much as it will us.

flacco Santiago


A-hammer C

Harbs sounded like he’s dealing with a cold


38 hours away


Just win


Aaaaanother 2 minute video!? Fucking dissapointing!!

Lunah24 Steven

I super excited for tomorrow game at Dolphins good luck boys let’s get together with a big Win! ! l let’s go Ravens! 😂


That heat ain’t nothing to Lamar. He was made in it.

Jullian Roger

Update. We smacked them 😈

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