Turning the page and looking ahead to the Jets | Broncos Now – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Turning the page and looking ahead to the Jets | Broncos Now

On this episode of "Broncos Now," Sydney Jones recaps Wednesday with the top storylines and soundbites from quarterback Russell Wilson, Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett and safety Justin Simmons. Plus, Phil Milani joins the show to discuss tight end Greg Dulcich's performance vs. the Chargers, running back Melvin Gordon III remaining the starter and more. Want more of "Broncos Now"?

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Tyler Corpuz

Let’s Ride # Dangeruss


    Love the optimism. Someone has to be lol

    Radek Vasicek

    U can say that when we start going positive



    Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol



The world’s tiniest violin is playing right now for Gordon, and Hackett is a spineless wimp for letting a fumble machine get the start…we are an absolute joke of an organization.

    Aiden Beaty

    haket was obviously just playing latavius murray to test him and he was running ok so he let him keep going

Irvin Van Vanderbilt

GO BRONCOS Sydney Jones 🏈🐎

    Enigma The Gray Man

    Sydney Jones seems like she’s a nice person.

Patricecool 7

Hackett is not the problem! Someone get a coach to help Russ to make better reads and throws

    Orange Crush2.0

    Maybe the Coach who they had to sign to coach Hackett 🤔

    Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol

    Get rid of Hackett he calls so many runs and bad short passes. Fire Hackett he can’t even manage a clock properly without fans

Ry Enis

I am ready for Brett Rypen. He is a quick decision maker, makes great throws, Every time he has played, he had played well.

    Orange Crush2.0

    He’s played one game and threw 3 picks and Jeudy had to steal the ball from a 4th interception against the Terrible Jets. Russ has been playing bad but denver stands no chance against that Jets defense without Russ playing.

    Alessandro Rhymes

    Brett is worse then Drew Lock without the arm strength of Drew, no way we stand a chance without Russ

    Ken Kenderson

    Is Ry Enis actually Brett Rypen in disguise?

Ry Enis

Oh, and Brett is not 5′ 10″, he can see over the defense.

Zachary Bergman

Broncos country, two-five 😎 ☎️

    Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol

    You wish

    Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol

    Like your mom

lewboski the dude

The jets will win in a blow out and we will hear the same garbage from Hackett and Wilson we have to get better

Juls c

Turning what page?? The jets will definitely beat the broncos and I’m a broncos fan.

    Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol

    The jets will lose like the 49ers and their good defense


He must be a joke in the locker room! Team mates look over and laugh!

Orange Crush2.0

I’m not afraid of Zach Wilson at all, i actually want him throwing more this Sunday. But our biggest factor Right now is if DJ Jones can go or not because if he can’t I fear the Jets will kill us up the middle in the run game. I’m also fully aware that Gordon has fumbled a bunch this year and I personally can’t stand him as a player because of it. But he’s our best healthy RB on the roster and I don’t understand why they decided to sit him in the chargers game after he was our best Offensive Player the week before against the Colts going for over 100 yards from scrimmage.

    Alessandro Rhymes

    Really, Gordon had 100+ against Indy? What is wrong with DJ? Jets running game will be critical and we’ve had trouble in that area for years.

Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol

Broncos are gonna whoop the Jets.

Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol

Hackett is the problem can’t even manage a clock without fans

    Cole Hopkins

    Okay that’s kinda old news , that was his problem but he has fixed that for some time now , it’s just the calls when it matters for example the 3 and 1 pass play against chargers in ot was a little stupid , but idk our offense has all these flaws that are working like a domino effect making our offense look horrible

Dave Wright

What if Russ can’t go for two or three weeks and Rypien plays and the team wins their next two or three games with the offence scoring 24 PPG. What do you do? How can Hackett bench the QB they gave up the farm for and signed to 245 mil with two years remaining on current deal? What do you do?

    Mitchell Geisen

    Keep trying to ride,even if its an elephant

Cbanecks Ban

Coach Hackett has said many times that this is a running first offense. When do we see a 25 or 30 carry game? Russell only succeeded in a run first offense in Seattle as they are now succeeding with the new quarterback who’s rating is nearly doubled out of Russell Wilson. Do we run the ball? When are you going to wake up and realize that Russ needs a successful running game and a repeated running game. Even if you get one or two yards you have to continue running the ball!


Broncos country, let’s get off this ride. Russ with no google maps, took us to a dead end. Probably taking us to Space Needle.

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