“Turn Me Up!” Malcolm Brown Mic’d Up vs. 49ers | Los Angeles Rams – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“Turn Me Up!” Malcolm Brown Mic’d Up vs. 49ers | Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams RB Malcolm Brown was mic'd up in Week 12 against the San Francisco 49ers at SoFi Stadium.

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Faithey Reply


Its Fizzy Reply

we need to do better

Its Fizzy Reply

we already making the playoffs tho

Heso Melo Reply

Losing to the sorry Niners again

Byron Murrill Reply

love how Brown and Henderson both came out to congratulate Cam!

    TEE PENI3 Reply

    Unselfish n No Egos 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

Dez dman Reply

I’m pretty sure y’all left a whole lot out

    Silver Box Reply

    We dont talk about those parts

Enoch DaGoat Reply

how do we keep losing to them mann. makes me so mad dawg

    Edward Garcia Reply

    Same bro they lost on my birthday I was cussing

    Barry McCockener Reply

    cuz they trash 🗑

Rey Salomon Proverbs Reply

Goff miscues,I still believe in our QB let’s go RAMS!!! Gotta bounce back,let’s go.

Art Jr Reply

Lets goo Ram’s!!

tommy romero Reply

So much better watching Mic’d Up when our Rams win, anyone disagree?? And what a waste of our last possession and once again put it all on the defnese. Should not have taken Friday off and #16 has to get it together

El Cuh Reply

Easy dubs 49ers❤️💛❤️💛

Barry McCockener Reply

where is the rest of it, like when they lost?? 😆 🤣

    Buddy Gass Reply

    At least we aren’t last in the division 🤣🤣

    Barry McCockener Reply

    @Buddy Gass your gonna be lol, your team is trash and the niners proved it with backup players 😂 🤣 😅

Anthony Mercado Reply

We need to do better

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