Troymaine Pope’s 81-Yd Punt Return TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Troymaine Pope’s 81-Yd Punt Return TD!

Troymaine Pope takes the punt all the way back for a touchdown! The New Orleans Saints take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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Chris Ruhmann Reply

Lookin like darren sproles

    iFrosty Reply

    I wouldn’t go that far

    Traveler Volkriin Reply

    @iFrosty He shoulda gone even FARTHER! 😱

BariTheDripKiid Reply

Let’s go chargers 😃😃😃😃😃

    MR X Reply

    BariTheDripKiid I’m mad

    BariTheDripKiid Reply

    @MR X our new guys are kinda bad 😐

    MR X Reply

    BariTheDripKiid eh I mean it is preseason but blowing this 14 lead at home is kinda embarrassing

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

Up until this point it was a defensive battle all game long

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply

    Angry Genius tape don’t lie taysom did get rocked, and Matt Ryan still threw for 118 yards on 10 passes and should’ve had a td if two receivers didn’t drop easy passes

    Angry Genius Reply

    11/15 2tds 136 yards Taysom

    An ur dude the starter an was gettin rocked matter fact it’s headlines across the web bout the falcons o-line how many sacks an hits he took 🧐 an who lets a starting Qb go through that in preseason come on man

    But y’all gonna rise up huh

    Ed Taylor Reply

3kidsnwifey Reply

Damn thought my video speed was on 2x for a min, bro was moving!

    roxana molina Reply

    3kidsnwifey Now put it on x2 😂

    roxana molina Reply

    And Ikr

markmac Reply

right before halftime too.

rap game bob barker Reply

That was a quick 81.

Luke St. Peter Reply

Wow! He got them ankles. Comparable to Marcus Sherels? They are both #35!

TheBoy Reply

damn I hadn’t heard the name troymaine pope since his days with the seahawks

    DatPandaDude Reply

    TheBoy same

Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

Nice to see an old Seahawk given another chance and making something if it.

    sscswimmer1 Reply

    I was a big fan of his last year in the preseason, glad he’s getting another chance in SD

    NBMarc Reply

    sscswimmer1 SD? 🤔

    Ninef Sargis Reply

    yeah hopefully they give lynch another chance

Traveler Volkriin Reply

Why does every short dude on the Chargers run like Darren Sproles? 😆

    Compton 187 Reply


    Ninef Sargis Reply

    he looked like brady to me

Zetumbo 8 Reply

My Seahawks cut him before multiple times he deserves to be in the league

Laramie Clement Reply

That was a pretty clutch TD right before half-time!

Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie Reply

0:08-0:09 Why he sent him to the *SHADOW REALM* like that??

    SolaR Exclipse Reply

    Bruh 😂😂⚡️⚡️

mack daddy Reply

Can’t believe we still lost smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    BigPapiDamian Reply

    mack daddy pre season bruh. Players were ballin though

    mack daddy Reply

    BigPapiDamian it still sucks to lose a game that they had in their hands even if it is preseason.

pigwindow Reply

Remember this guy with the Jets, happy for him!

half_lifemozzy Reply

Chargers need to play with a chip on their shoulder this season, they had a chance last season and blew it. Git gud chargers.

David Fahey Reply

Tampa Bay Bucs will win the Super Bowl this season…😝…

C Bleezy Reply

If he would’ve did the LT tear drop at the end of that would have been lit 🔥. Keep making them plays though.

Potato Kid Reply

This dude’s gonna be a problem.

blu jay Reply

I remember when this guy was on the Hawks, had a lot of potential but we released him due to injury

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