Troy Polamalu INCREDIBLE interception in 2008 victory over Chargers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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O0F3R Reply


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Andrew Grove Reply

11-10. 11 penalties for the Steelers 1 chargers. That was a insane interception

C Lo Reply

Today’s referees would have called that an incomplete pass.

Julied97 Reply

Hands down Troy is the best strong safety in modern nfl history

ThePlushKing Reply

I miss the hair

pex320 Reply

My Heyward Jersey just came. I was about to get a one of Polamalu but they didn’t have my size. Future hall of gamer for sure

    Mia Hyde Reply

    HA! Got my Polamalu jersey. But moms stole it. Greetings from SOCAL 😑😠😎💪👍⭐🏈🏉🎲👕🚬💜

Strangeland :. Reply

The better days

Terry Breedlove Reply

I miss watching him play

SteelersGoingFor 7 Reply

The defense is finally starting to look like it can hopefully have a chance to be close to as good as that defense!

    Bryce Reply

    Hell no lmao our defense trash

Literally Reply

Refs robbed troy of a TD at the end of that game, should’ve been 18-10

    J M Reply

    It’s all about over under betting.

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Mia Hyde Reply

Miss you Troy. God your needed back .

Steeler Juju19 Reply

Minkah should be great as Troy was. I hope that happens

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