Troy Fumagalli returns to familiar territory in Wisconsin – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bronco Nation Reply

Go Broncos

karen welch Reply

Yeah knew tight end

Bronco Nation Reply

We are gonna kill the packers. Von and Bradley are gonna go all out on Aaron rodgers

    Tyron Wells Reply

    Lol gtfoh yall have no sacks lol.

karen welch Reply

Remove Garrett boils now

    The Ihde Brothers Reply

    Yea he’s kind of bad

    Prospecting With Disabilities Reply

    He didn’t cost us the game the refs did bro we have the best o line coach in the NFL he’ll fix him

karen welch Reply

To much flags

Binx Negale Reply

Get RAMSEY lol

ray ray Reply

Garret bolles stops us from scoring all the time

    Samuel Oliver Reply

    Thanks for the hot take. Very insightful. Not like he had to block against Khalil Mack the entire game.

    ray ray Reply

    @Samuel Oliver what’s his excuse for the riders

Jeff Wingham Reply

Need realists leading not believers.

explore 2580 Reply

faith shall be lost by 1pm tomorrow…its a wrap guys….look forward to 2020 training camp..when elway drafts another bust….

Phenom AL Reply

It will be a waist of time for you Broncos fans to get all deck out in Orange & Blue on Sunday just to witness that baaad man Aaron Rodgers & the Packers beat up on Denver!

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