Trey Flowers on preparing for Kansas City – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Don Bur Reply

Flowers come on my G let’s keep getting better

LionZ Reply

Gonna need relentless pressure this coming weekend. Lead the Roar!

    Verlyler Clark Reply

    Come on bigg#90 make them hate coming 2 the D.

Jack Miller Reply

Film Study, study, study. Lions will need to win their individual battles. Offense needs to finish drives in the red zone. My keyboard warrior, coach tip of the week πŸ“²πŸπŸŽ™

    James Roberts Reply

    If we can establish the run and keep Mahomes off the field we definitely have a chance

Michael Shan Reply

Solid game from him last week, let’s hope he builds on it. We can’t let Mahomes have time in the pocket.

    Jimmy Neutron Reply

    Mahomes is insane

Daniel Griffiths Reply

I feel like some soft jazz background music would go good with this interview.

    Tony chase Reply


    Steve Shelton Reply


    Devlins10 Reply

    @Tony chase Barry White haha

Steven P Reply

he talks like Iverson a little

N R Reply

You boys are making us Michiganders proud. Don’t stop now. Restore the roar.

Richard Kline Reply

The red zone for the Chiefs isn’t 20 yards it’s 80 yards. Damn!

Detroit Ballgame Reply


Murky Waters Reply

Secondary will definitely get tested and quite possibly roasted because Slay might sit out. Young season right now but teams are throwing more often then not again this secondary. Now with a QB with legs. Gonna be rough.

    777Ryank Reply

    Murky Waters

    Slay has been getting burned anyways.. Let him sit

Steve Shelton Reply

We need to stop settling for damn field goals in the red zone. We’ve had this problem for years now and it still has not been fixed

    777Ryank Reply

    Steve Shelton

    Playing to lose produces field goals

bigperm079 Reply



777Ryank Reply

The Lions are already working on their prevent defense laydown scheme

RedPillPaul Reply


Mark Douglas Reply

“We workin..we got a lot of work to do…but we goin to work”
– trey flowers, 2019

Thunder/Lions Fan Reply

If we can run the ball and keep Mahomes off the field(similar to last year vs Brady) i can see this game as a lions W. However if we try to have a shootout i feel like the secondary is more than ready to come up with some INTs but fall short if Minitron and Hock get similar play calling last week. I got 24-20 Lions

Gifthoarse Reply

You know, I can see why, you know, Trey, you know, doesn’t like doing, you know, interviews.

Dennis T Reply

Good Luck This Week. We’re all proud of you guys win or loss your our TEAM. Detroit Lions 🦁

Embur12 Reply

I don’t know how these guys stay calm with 20 mics jammed in their face. I’d feel kinda claustrophobic with them all crowded in like that.

Dylan Wierauch Reply

The thing with Mahomes is that when you blitz him he burns you. This is going to come down to how well the secondary can hold up and how the offense can stay on the field and put up points.

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