Trey Flowers on continuing to work hard every day – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

We need you to lead the charge

Don Bur

He will get better its conditioning had the whole offseason off

Damoni Lately

Bro the way he respond to questions Is funny smooth if that make any sense 😂😂

Tyler Bouck

Man I hope all the players/coaches start to westbrook and Beast Mode on this media. Get better at your jobs and be respectful. I feel the media thinks they are above the team. Its crazy land with them.

Devon Peters

I don’t know who said it after the Lions signed him, but I now can’t not imagine him about to start rapping every time he’s listening to reporters asking questions saying “yeah, uh, huh”. haha. Makes me laugh

Low Tier Trash

Trey Flowers,you better live up to that 90 mil.
You’re making a Giants cast away look good.
Lions,no more Pats.

    Michael Shan

    He actually played alright against the Chargers. Definitely not up to his contract yet, but I wouldn’t expect him to after rehabbing from his shoulder surgery for most of the offseason. Despite being double teamed for most of the game, he still had two crucial third down pressures on Rivers forcing incompletions. That resulted in both of the missed field goals. If it weren’t for those pressures, the Chargers could’ve gotten 3 or even 7 points on both of those drives, which would’ve been a lot harder to come back from.

    Low Tier Trash

    @Michael Shan Oh.
    Well,my apologizes for being oblivious.

    Harjun B

    @Michael Shan Lets also remember this D line didnt practice together until very close to the start of the season. Snacks talked about chemistry being quivk and its only been two wks. But I expect good things on Sunday

devon pettway

Trey you are a beast bro I no you are set to have a big game then from there we will own this division with your help 🦁🦁


How did you end up with a name of a Votto’s hair products, Homez?

Ei way… that’s fookin loco fool

Tres Flores por vida holmz! ✌️🙏

The V Addition

Yeah!! He’s going to put in WORK! That what he’s paid to do. Respect ✊! D.V.E.

Ty Rhea

Work on your interviews #AWTIS


Those painkillers hit different in the NFL


Working hard? Or hardly working?

    Ki11a TJ

    You thought that was clever

313 JMO

That Patriots media training is in his soul 😂. But he has to improve and he will. Most fans dont realize we got him for December and hopefully January

Jeneral GBerry

It would irritate me with him saying “Mmmm yea mmhmm mhmm” while im tryna ask a question

Vash Starwind

Go Lions! I’m rooting hard for you guys! 🦁☝️

Hanging Around

So far I’m not to impressed with the 90 million dollar purchase. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Anand Nathan

    Perhaps YOU should ask for a refund.

    Hanging Around

    @Anand Nathan okay, I will.

Kyle Renneberg

He sounds like Sylvester Stallone!

Andra Glenn

Shiii you know.. .. lol swear he the perfect Detroit lion

Dennis T

It’s about what you do in the game NOT in the locker room. Honolulu Blue Baby 🦁

Anand Nathan

I love his attitude. All we can control is tomorrow, not yesterday.

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