Trey Burton extremely confident in Trubisky – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    William Brown

    There is something rotten in Denmark with that 2017 Bears draft,if you didn’t wanyt all your draft picks why didn’t you just give them away ! oh that’s what the Bears did;gave them to the 49ers.

    big meech

    William Brown English please?

    William Brown

    What-@big meech ?  !

    William Brown

    What a steal for the 49ers in the 2017 draft,like taking candy from a baby.Did the 49ers cpommit statutory rape on Ryan Pace ? @big meech.


I don’t like this dude for some reason. He doesn’t seem like he’s all in

    OG Skywalker

    Nobody cares

    A F

    Thats because he’s not. He hates being in high pressure situations. HIs injury are all bullshit. They always happen outside of practice right before a big game. He belongs on the Dolphins. There is no pressure on them to win because they wont!

William Brown

Is Adam Shaheen better than Zach Miller,Dion Sims,Daniel Brown,Ben Braunecker,Mycole Pruitt or Trey Burton ?


    Adam Shaheen is terrible…


Are you going to try to catch balls with both hands in the next game?

    Dissent Truth-

    The only balls he’s holding is his own

    A F

    Unlikely. Trey has too many mental issues. I wish him the best but its time to trade him ASAP!

big meech

What’s up with that haircut lol

    big meech

    David Weise lol that ain’t crispy


    big meech shits clean you tweakin

    David Weise

    big meech tweakin

    Patrick Benitez

    big meech tweaker

Rick Valentin

Trey Burton does not get all hyped on emotions! I respect that! Sweetness was the same way!

Tony Lauj

Trey’s damaged good. Fragile. I don’t know if this guy is going to be use much in the offense . We need to move on.

    Connor Muckerman

    Tony Lauj he has missed 2 GAMES in his time with the bears lmao

    A F

    @Connor Muckerman He misses high pressure games. If you know anything about him he’s got massive anxiety and depression issues. You would know that if you did your research on him. I hope he gets well but he doesn’t belong on this team. His injuries were right before the 2 biggest games. Wouldn’t play against Philly in the playoffs and Packers at home opening day. Its time to wish him well and send him on his way

Zech Merquise

Now that they got the 2 preseason games for Mitch out of the way, he can finally start throwing against the redskins

    William Brown

    Are you trying to be funny ? @Zech Merquise.



    William Brown

    What are you say ? @I’m Just Saying ?


    @William Brown Sarcasm. Laughing sarcastically then the serious face. 😉

Ryan ???

Trey “Questionable” Burton

Your conscious

I can see the B*tch in you!!!😴

Ivo G

1000 yard stare. Hope you show up monday

First name Paris

Let’s go trey get healthy that’s all that matters oh and winning duh

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