Trevor Siemian Press Conference (9/12) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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james hurrigan Reply


Dan Greco Reply

Next man up mentality, lets go jets


I’m so sad Darnold won’t be playing but I wish him a speedy recovery and for Trevor to kill it!! He’s a capable quarterback and I believe we still gotta chance. Just gotta support these guys

    Darth Skell Reply

    SUGAR NIPZ I support these guy but it’s hard not to get frustrated with poor play and coaches who don’t adjust well from quarter to quarter . I’m curious Sugar how long have you been a Jet fan ?

    SUGAR NIPZ Reply

    Darth Skell all my life bro all of my 18 years. And believe me being a Jets fan is so hard and frustrating because of the constant dysfunction but as a kid from Long Island there’s nothing I love more than the Jets and I’ll always support them just because I’m a life long fan of my home team

Richie MacDonald Reply

How drunk is the camera guy 🤖

    MGTOW-Balance Reply

    he also has mono

jesse sanchez Reply

Let’s go man! Put the team on your shoulders.

Dino's Games988 Reply

I swear..being a Yankees and Jets fan is tough this year with all these damn injuries. (If you consider mono an injury I guess 😂) Snake bitten

    Darth Skell Reply

    Dino’s Games988 I’m also a Jet and Yankee fan .

    clash man Reply

    Try being a Jet, Met, Knicks & NY Rangers fan! Now that is tough huh? Yup story of my life!😂✌

Donald Kephart Reply

That’s the man now good choice liked him in Denver

Alfred Johnson Reply

Is Gase going to let you audible out of bad plays?? Because he didn’t let Sam RUN THE OFFENSE, which Absolutely sucked on Sunday (except for Bell, Quincy gets a pass for injury)! When the D gives you 8 points and 4 turnovers; I think Gase has to prove himself in a big way with his aggressiveness and better play calling for this personnel!

Lucho V Reply

I’m a little worried but still confident

K T Reply

Dead man walking

N233 Reply

In Trevor we trust

Mark Raymond Reply

As a Denver fan, I loved him in Denver. I still own his #13 Jersey. He thrived with Gary Kubiak. VJ screwed him. I hope he works out for the Jets.

Gmoney Anthony Reply

Hopefully he become a nick foles and save our season

    Ben S Reply

    Well he had full seasons in denver and didnt do much… but who knows the football gods might bestow him with the power of clutchness… not like it matters tho the patriots will be in the superbowl regardless

Stephen Alicknovic Reply

Trevor. No pressure. Enjoy this. Have fun. Do what you do. Just like the fun old pick up games. You got this.

Stephen Alicknovic Reply

Have fun. Do it.

MoMoMyPup10 Reply

Can’t help but root for the guy. Seems like a real good dude.

Mike Pelligrino Reply

He cant be much worse than Darnold’s been.

1958yankeefan Reply

Personally speaking, I think Siemian is the better QB of the two anyway, so I think the Jets will do well behind him! Darnold came into the season as the established starter. I think Siemian wins the job had there been a competition. Just my humble opinion!

Fernando Herrera Martínez Reply

As a lifelong Broncos fan, I’m gonna go ahead and say that you guys are in good hands, Trevor may not have an elite QB ceiling but he is a pro, he is capable of holding the castle for a few weeks, too bad the schedule doesn’t favor him much, but this isn’t a total loss scenario. Glad to see him get a chance to prove himself.

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