Trevor Lawrence: “We set a new standard…” | Press Conference | Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Looking forward to next season.


    Caldwell will cost them 5 games next year

Finn Gat

Praying we get Engram/Taylor back. Adding Ridley next season is also something to look forward to seeing. Should be fun!


    Marvin Jones is clutch and a leader they need him in locker room

Super TAL

I researched Ridley – he could be a game changer – he runs great routes and he’s fast! I think this long year and the off season will make this team great. We haver to remember this was a totally new offense for TLaw. Let’s sign the right people back, fill in the holes on Offense and Defense and LET’S GO!!!!

    Kevin Phillips

    Ridley is an elite route runner, great/clutch hands and former 1st round draft pick so I too am excited to see what he does for us.

    Shane Cook

    All new instead of learning all the schemes and each other they can focus on perfecting it .

    Shane Cook

    He is kinda following burrow 1st yr not so much second playoffs .


    Ridley is a top 10-15 receiver all day when he’s healthy , I think a year off of football will be great , I think more players need that actually


    @Zenzu at this point it will be his 2nd year off. I’m confident he can return but he hasn’t had the cleanest past. If he can return to his normal ability he is going to be a STUD on this offense

Blake Harris

Can’t wait for next season, and to see the off-season moves we’re going to make. We need O-Line, major secondary help, and more edge pressure imo.


    our O-line was/is good, and Secondary was solid once they moved Williams outside. Edge and pass rush is by far the biggest need.


trevor looks a little like the Jaguar symbol – blue eyes, just like the Jaguar icon, and blonde hair, strong chin. dude will be a stud next year, definitely

    JAMES Ewton

    He was a stud this year


    Okay, Hitler

Xlm More

JAX JAGUARS OFF-SEASON’s GOAL: To Acquire Speed/Power/Toughness/Precision/intelligence/Confidence/Strategies/Team Work For The Next Season/s……..And To Build A New ‘State Of The Art’ JAX JAGUARS STADIUM. Good Luck JAX JAGUARS!……..DUUUUUUUUVALLLLLLL ! :))

Greg Van Gaasbeek

Thank you Trev for helping get us into the playoffs💪

Jack Barr

you guys did the most unexpected thing I ever seen


Wow he’s really taking command of this team and taking ownership. He’s taken massive steps as a franchise leader

    Waylon Beasley

    I was going to say the same exact thing he really has grown by leaps and bounds in the Leadership department this year.

Zack 999

Definitely look forward to the day when this team shocks the nay sayers when they get to make it to the superbowl, and who knows maybe this upcoming learning and training will be plenty for that to happen. 🐆

Connor Anderson

Trevor had a great season and it’ll be significant for him to grow and master this offense. Really can’t wait for next season

Johnmark Erwin

Awesome Job 👍

Fat Jons eating adventures

No more missing playoffs, jags to playoffs every year until Lawrence retires

Team Time Riders

It’s been a great ride with this team. Love the spirit of Duval and the Jacksonville fans! This game came down to a few unlucky plays. The talent is there, now all we need to do is execute!


Thank you so much Trevor Lawrence for making this season of Jaguars Football enjoyable 🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆

Ian D. Severson

The biggest growth I saw from Trevor Lawrence outside of his leadership was his ability to be clutch. Having clutch players especially at the QB position is one of the keys I’ve noticed to having a Super Bowl winning squad. Very proud of our Team this season; exceeded everyone’s expectations. Looking forward to getting back into the ‘tournament’ next Season.

California Dreaming

Killer arm of course. I looked at Trevor’s Time-to-Throw (TT) number a couple weeks ago and I think he dropped it from around 2.8+ to just below 2.6 from 2021 to 2022. That and better footwork I think really helped him improve. But next year the Jags have a real shot. Year three for quarterbacks in the NFL who become great is usually the real turning point. I was disappointed the Jags lost but KC is no slouch.

Just Me2

Spend the off time watching film & techniques. Reading defences…

Stuart Harley

I love the fact that he speaks so eloquently about the situation regarding playing staff and next season, a wise head on young shoulders.
This team is growing together and that, ultimately, can only make them stronger going forward.
Their progress has been great to watch and long may it continue

Ken Hill

My QB. This year was the start.

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