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Thomas Campbell

T-Law baby!!!!!!!!

Jupiter Jazz


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A+ pick




He’ll be working at McDonalds by week 12.

    Isaac O

    He will have an endorsement deal with McDonald’s by week 12

    Levar Young

    Damn don’t tell everyone where you work


Know nothing about this guy hut looks like he had a pretty good o line in college in sure it will be a rough transition to the size of players coming at him in Jacksonville up to the o line there really how his first year goes

    Tyler seger

    It’s been Clemson’s biggest weakness by far. This year it was terrible. Around Power 5 average

    Levar Young

    Clemson’s o-line sucked four a while

    David Owens

    Nope. Clemson’s OL has the least amount of talent of any position on the team. If Trevor had had Alabama’s OL the past two years he’d have 3 national championships and 2 Heisman Trophys.

Donavan McElroy

Rodgers???? lol

Guys, the future is very very bright!! I think our seemingly unending misery will soon be in the past. I know we’ve thought this in the past, but I really believe we’re on the way up.

Go Jags!!!

    The Great Eight

    Dear God I hope so, I’m 24 been a Jags fan my whole life and it seems like the despair just won’t end….


The defender at 1:39 😂

    Peen Head


    D Rae

    Lmao bro didn’t have his feet set


No 5 is a beast


I was a big Jaguars fan when I was a kid (Mark Brunell was my favorite player), but I stopped paying attention to them a while ago. After this draft, I’m going to have to start watching them again. I love how easy he makes throwing a football look

    Monye Duval904

    Wow. Your not a true. Get tha hell outta er. Dang I hate the new comers all of a sudden since we got Trevor Lawrence an Urban Meyer’s😡😡😡😡👊🏿✌🏿🤞🏿👨🏿‍⚖


    @Monye Duval904 i’ve never met a jaguar fan in real life, chill out bro just let their fan base grow lmao

    DC DC

    @Monye Duval904 Calm down. If it will make you feel better as an insecure fan, I can vow to not ever pay attention to them

Deric Summers

Welcome home T-law

Mind Set

FreddyT and MJD 2.0, and this is another form of protecting Tlaw by adding another weapon, chemistry, and he’s a 3rd down back so defenses stay on there toes. Last year James Rob couldn’t come out the game and when he did, defense change their keys to pass alerts duh. As well as everyone when want is still there. Let these people do there job as we should💯

D Rae

Them clemson recievers got HANDS

    Chris Handsome

    I got these beans

David Mitchell

Is this really considered a highlight reel for Trevor Lawrence? It looks like a highlight reel for his team mates. His receivers made some awesome catches and his front line gave him ample time to sit in the pocket to pick who he wanted to throw to.


    TBF Clemson’s front line has been subpar the past 2 year

Christopher Walton

Lawrence v Burrow 2021. Prime time Jags v Bengals!!! 😱

Joseph Biles


S Ragsdale

Personally, I would have taken the opportunity to pick up Kyle Pitts – a once a century choice. Every year is the QB du jour.

    J Corps

    No point of picking a TE #1 lol anyone who had the 1st overall pick would’ve picked trever


im a chiefs fan so im really unbiased in all of this and who knows how someone will actually translate to the nfl but this guy has really nice touch. kinda reminds me of aaron rodgers. the understanding of where to place the ball so its not reachable to be picked is pretty impressive too.

Just A Post

1:39 ran him straight over

Emiliano Del Rio

The duel of hair is coming, Justin Hairbert vs Sunshine😈😈🏈

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