Trevor Lawrence gets the Draft Call | Exclusive: Inside the Draft Room – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jp Torp

Let’s go we got trevor


I can’t smash the like button enough. LFG 2022.

Mr Wop

Leg workout tomorrow

    Jags Fan15

    I laughed when he said that


    😂😂 Urban isn’t messing around

Stanely Pig

Goated 👑


Shahid Khan sounded a little choked up there. I think the whole Jags family is so excited to have him in the franchise.

    Ty Robbie

    He just watched the value of his franchise double

    J P

    Tbh he always sounds like that lol


    @Ty Robbie exactly bruh!

Bryan McKinney

Im so glad I renewed my season tickets!

    Vini T

    That’s great to hear Bryan

Jags Fan15

Everything is working out for us

David Mobley

Hope this works out. Cant ever put much faith in the jags though.

    Jack Revill

    Not after they follow it up with a running back 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


All the years of losing. Watching the previous regime and inability to retain talent.

Tonight feels great.

Dylan Messer

Jags are heading to the playoffs. FINALLY

    Oliver George

    Haha your funny

    Jay Williams

    Lol need o line

    Anthony Joseph

    Bruh, that’s gonna take awhile. Maybe in Trevor’s third season at the very earliest.


    @DodgerDude26 u never know look at the Cowboys when dak came in the league the year before they had like 4 qbs all go 1-13

    Viking Fan 84

    At least 6-11

Kevin Thibodeau

Chills we won today boys we finally won

Nick Ronaldo

0:47 Tony Khan❤️


    Tony is the goat man.

Stoner Griffin

Now lets see what happens with Tebow

Storm Kwan

AEW Wrestling owner my boy Tony Khan AKA TK

Fred Fire Dat Ass Up 904

Hope he is Jacksonville Jags Savior Hopefully He Turns out to be The Franchise QB 🙏 For many years and playoffs and championships to come. Jags fans deserve it so do the jags!!


So it was the league that made them wait THAT long to make their pick 🤔

Matthew Ruiz

The only pick e everyone knew about already. Should’ve started w 2 🤣

Shailon Noelle

Dude khan loses weight everytime I see him!! So excited for north Florida peeps finally getting their team some talent

KNate -

Trevor “Sunshine” Lawrence, heading to the sunshine state.

Little John

Officially a Jags fan. Lawrence, ETN, and Urban! Lets goooooooooooo!!!!

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