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Trevor Davis Goes UP for Packers TD!

QB Tim Boyle takes the Packers downfield for a Trevor Davis TD. The Green Bay Packers take on the Oakland Raiders during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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bapinto10 Reply


Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights Reply

Raiders DBs getting burned as usual nothing to see here 🤷‍♂️

    raider nation Reply

    3rd stringers

    RXNGANO Reply

    Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights he didnt even get burnt, he just caught it off his head.

Beautiful Cow Reply


Liam Svanoe Reply

This field is a *JOKE*
Call the game off! It is causing way too many unnecessary injuries!

    x2yll l Reply

    Yeah im kinda surprised NFL wasn’t all over them about it over the years. One good reason they’re moving atleast lol

    Liam Svanoe Reply

    @x2yll l this game is in Canada, actually first game in Canada.

    quan Brooklyn kid Reply

    @Liam Svanoe wow for real ?

Escocivo 30 Reply

Packers receivers looks good. If only the Packers can stay healthy. They will be playoff contenders.

    Ethan Davis Reply

    correct, they are looking good against 4th stringers

    Josue Tejada Reply

    I mean it’s only preseason man. Can’t say much about the team when over half of there starters aren’t playing.

    xNightm_res YT Reply

    Packers gonna be traash

    Banquet Meal Reply

    @xNightm_res YT Bears going 5-11 this year. Book it.

    Anthony Arena Reply

    @Ethan Davis thats what trevor davis does bro, tears up pre season 7th string dbs

Luis EGarcia Reply

Bro Aaron Rodgers should have already won 3 Super Bowls

    L . O . R Reply

    Try making the playoffs first. 😂

    Alberto Esperanza Reply

    Too bad hes not a good leader and demands the biggest contract ever

    _CRUSH _ Reply

    Anthony 2b Channel 6 only due to him being hurt, if Rodgers was healthy the last 2 seasons then GB would’ve definitely been in the playoffs! How far they would’ve advanced, idk

ChicagoDefense Reply

The field looks hard as a brick

Lego WW2 Studios Reply

Tim Boyle is epic swag

Drew Denis Reply

This better not be the stadium where the raiders are playing this year. This is stupid.

    Tab 2k Reply

    this game is in canada bro

    Drew Denis Reply

    @Tab 2k but why? That’s what I don’t get.

    Delonte Musgrove Reply

    @Drew Denis they want to bring the nfl to Canada soon for at least one game like they do in mexico and London so more eyes are on the sport

    Tab 2k Reply

    @Drew Denis That International Moneeey

American Sports Fan Reply

80 yard field? Interesting…

Jesse Grajeda Reply

Go pack go

Josue Tejada Reply

I wonder which receivers the Packers are gonna keep. Little worried the Packers will do something really stupid

    Avezzar Culligan Reply

    Well EQ seems to be out for most of the Season if not the whole Season.

    mustache wizard Reply

    Avezzar Culligan yup sadly. Injury didn’t look good

Juju az Reply

The field isn’t pretty, but still better looking than Aaron Rodgers.

    Andrew Baker Reply

    Are you saying he’s ugly or not a good player

    Juju az Reply

    Andrew Baker uglaaay af

    zmon 8426 Reply

    @Juju az W

    Ditch 79 Reply

    Juju az Tom Brady is better

Steven Tissan Reply

adda boy

wowsers Reply

That lesbian voice is extremely annoying. No way I could watch an entire game with the volume on

    Super Happy Fun Times Reply

    wowsers for me I have Kevin Harlan. I love being in Wisconsin

    Stephen Wagner Reply

    Super Happy Fun Times Fo sho! Kevin Harlan is one of the best voices out there. It’s a treat we get him for these preseason games.

David Gutierrez Reply

Watching a 15 second add for a 55 second video. Cooooool thanks YouTube

Bryan Jones Reply

God can you please let our Players not get injured before the season starts?! Thank You! #GoPackGo

Peter Lee Reply

Chill out Packers fans. This is the Raiders Defense and that happened all the time from the last 20 seasons.


    Joseph McGuire Reply

    Were pretty chill…. Again only the preseason

Have a nice Dave Reply

not really a fun game to watch. He’s at the 50, no wait, the 45. where the hell are they.

armando torres Reply

Raiders still won tho:)

    Chris Garrett Reply

    Yea a meaningless preseason game where more players got hurt on a jacked up field but sure congrats tho…

    armando torres Reply

    @Chris Garrett I agree. Something really needs to be done about the field.

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