Trent Baalke: “Is there more? …There is a lot more.” | Press Conference | Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Stan Dupp

After a rocky couple years Trent has turned me into a believer


    I fully believe in Trent’s ability to build an offense… He is still questionable in his moves on the defensive side of the ball.

    KrAzy DUdE JaYY

    Couple? Lol this was his second season. Tf


    The players he brought in aren’t good it’s the scheme and system coaching

Shirley Nahhas

So excited for the new year ahead,🧡💜

Ryan J

Restructuring benefits the organization and allows them to get rid of players earlier than intended but also giving them the guaranteed money designated in the contract

Vj Luarasi

Baalke is actually helping the Jags, he is doing great job. Go Jags!!!


    He needs to sign gotsis and marvin Jones their both leaders

Vibrations Live

Great hearing him speak about Doug

Duke Togo

Baalke Redemption Arc


If this man pulls off another crazy offseason, he’ll be the best GM we’ve had in a while

    Lenoris Davis

    Yeah I jus hope he don’t pull a TC and Trade or Cut Everyone

    Thomas Milisavic

    @Lenoris Davis what year u talking tc early 2000’s was cap he’ll and 2017 we got lucky with a ton of guys playing above there contracts Ramsey didn’t want to b here nkague wanted to much money and we paid jack till he got traded before this year the problem wasn’t trading away players the problem was we couldn’t Draft and those 3 guys I names all came from one draft

    Flex Riley

    And that… is a crazy but true statement 💯


    @jaystuswtf are you smoking?

    Tee N

    @jaystus lol yall just say any random thing that comes to your head. low iq

Vibrations Live

This man was a genius all along, i really apologize


    It was the system and scheme most of the guys they signed are average players


I like Trent’s game plan on next season. I believe he will take care of business. The Jags are in good hands.

Kevin Lunpkins

I like what I’m hearing wish we could grab 2 of free agency cb maybe another veteran Lb definitely

Sheila Sizemore

It is communication the key and it seems to be working 💪

Gavin Knight Jackson

He’s gonna do it . He gonna build a great team in a matter of a few seasons


    He needs to sign marvin Jones and gotsis

Jimmy Martin

The disrespect this man took is horrible. I’m glad he withstood it all and stayed strong. I like his enthusiasm after wins he’s invested in this team.

Kareem Rivers

Good stuff. Wish someone asked his thoughts on Josh Allen. Excited for the future. Go Jags!

Adam Carey

I owe this man an apology. Was our draft/free agent signings perfect? No teams are, however the impact players he found compared to guys who weren’t was significant. That’s my GM. Go Jaguars

Cole Tyrer

Say what you guys want about Trent Baalke, he’s going to build a winner here.


Glad to see him talking to the media finally… Hes been more protected than NFL officials, but gotta give him credit. Made some great moves last offseason – Made some bad ones in his time here too, but I’m sure Urban deserves some blame on those. Def earned a chance to keep building.

    Amiel Orpiano

    GM’s usually dont do media availability during the regular/post season.. Caldwell was the same way.


One of the best GMs in the NFL. DUUUVAL

Alex Hamernik

Still don’t really love last years draft but I think Trent may be onto something and now he’s truly settled in with a winning coach. Future is very bright for the jags


You can tell, with Trevor Lawrence as QB, this team is gonna be built up around him, just like Burrow, and Jags merchandise is about to go high end. Get it now! LoL. Future looks good for Jaguars.

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