Travon Walker: “…it’s all about how we finished.” | Press Conference | Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lukeyaaaa editz


    Keith Pugh


Protest this You loser

Man I love this guy! He is a cerebral high motor! Understanding the game and him giving props to savvy veterans that he goes against, shows how sharp and high energy he is for the game itself


    He’s an idiot that cost them 3 games with dumb late hits


I love him i wanna buy his jersey he just cannot come next year with that same pushing move, he gotta learn something more to be a lot more effective


    He’s a dumb player not a winner

ladon redding

Stud got anger issues, all them personal fouls I hope your 2nd year leap is ridiculous 16 sack season!


    Seems like a lot of those Georgia Bulldogs defenders have that problem

    Arman Mughal

    Herbert got an oscar for that flop. Travon plays with great controlled aggression. Just needs to tighten things up and work on his get-off and dip.


That’s a cool dude

Damarys Colon

Travon will become a monster next season


    No he won’t

Ian D. Severson

Travon Walker was not a good pass rusher this past season. Hoping he has a gigantic year 2 step forward like Trevor Lawrence did. The potential’s there, he just needs to focus and humble himself up a bit. Going to Von Miller’s camp for example would be a big priority if I were him.

    DaVonte Williams

    Usually pass rushers break out year 2. He was fine and hit that wall

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