Travis Kelce Mic’d Up During the Chiefs Week 1 Matchup Against the Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
KCGamer740 k

Bet I’m first

Boss man zay


Thomas J

Great positivity out of Kelce

Carlos Ruiz

I need a hype man like Kelce lol

Ayy Ki

Kelce is the hype man and energy we all need in our life.

Real Chiefs Talk

Perfect 👌

Golden Paydirt Reviews

I love Travis he’s a master at Mic’d Up….

Itzzz Dibly

McCoy needs a shorter jersey

    C B

    You realize it’s already so short so he doesn’t have to tuck it in, right?

    Itzzz Dibly

    C B never mind he just has it loose

    Jeo the Bot

    That’s how McCoy has always worn his jersey…obviously he’s comfortable with it and to be doing it as well and as long as he has I doubt he needs a change lol

Christopher Eveler

Best Mic’d up to date. The dude has become such a leader for the team LETS GOOOOO

John Brown



Sami watkins was getting work go Kelce go KC

Libertarian Wolf

There was so many fans there. You could hear Arrowhead! “Home of the Chiefs!”

Greg Van Gaasbeek

Kelche couldn’t handle the strength of Josh Allen😂


    how that work out for josh allen 😂. Jags defense is trash 40 points 😂😂😂

Hulk Butter

“LET’S PUNCH IT INNNNNNNN!!!!” Immediately misses block lol


So fucking corny, Chiefs Kingdom, the defenders of Graceskull … you conrny fuckers be watching too much He Man hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa

jon waychoff

Kelce whiffs on too many blocks. It’s like he isnt interested in being physical in the run game


    Yeah thats right. He is only the #1 TE in the league and the best TE run blocker known.

    jon waychoff

    @saflip969 no he isnt known for his blocking, watch a game or do some research. Watch last weeks highlights he had 1 decent block and a ton of wiffs


    @jon waychoff do your research you band wagoner! Its Already been proven Kelce is known to be the Best in the league in run blocker For A TE. You noob! Better than gronk. Gronk was only better vs kelce in Catching but never in run block by records. Not by ONE SINGLE GAME you idiot.

    Perry Marks

    @saflip969 I think you got it backwards. Kelce is more agile and better route running than gronk. Gronk could block like a full back

Jimmy Graham

It’s “you’re” a beast.

    Phil Peterson

    Your right!


Was hotter than death valley out there. Props to Kekce bringing the energy

Kyle C

Kelce really did nothing against the Jags


    Ig you are right he only had nearly 100 yards for a TE. We need to kick him out, right?! We dont need a #1 TE of the league our team. He didnt help the Team at all.

    Kyle C

    @saflip969 I’d agree. He sucks.


    @Kyle C that was sarcasm you band wagon. Kelce is a beast. Even if he doesnt make a catch in a game he is still helping the team! You noob


We are so Lucky we have Travis Kelce on our side! Without Kelce Patrick Mahomes would constantly being blitz by LBs. And without Kelce our WR would have harder time breaking off from route

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