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Tanner _142

O-Line is doing ok but Zeke needs to find a way to get threw the gaps a lot faster….Zeke running like me now💀😂

    M R

    @Tanner _142 they way overpaid for Zeke and Lawrence and it will haunt the team for years. Barkley is the real deal like Barry Sanders. Those guys used their o line but they didn’t need one to have success. Zeke runs straight into their backs this year and most of his yardage is in garbage time. Hopefully it changes.


    Tanner _142 y’all jus some cowboys haters

    da Star

    M R his money doesn’t mean he can’t be stopped because it happens to all running backs no matter their salary and if you haven’t seen it then you haven’t watched enough football. Zeke is great back and you’re probably still upset that he got paid after holding but you might as well get over that.


    @Tanner _142 didnt barkley run like 14 times for 12 yards in the game he got hurt?

Delaware Destroyer

Does anyone else think that the way the o line sets up gives away the timing of the play. The defences now almost to the second when to tee off

    Mamame El Bicho

    Just a bad game, Cowboys offensive line is elite…. Im sure they will fix their mistakes…..

    M R

    @Mamame El Bicho O line can’t fix playcalling. The ghost of Linnehan was in the Superdome last week.

    Mamame El Bicho

    @M R Yes I know, Playcalling and the lack of Gallup hurt Dallas…. Dallas Pass blocking was great as usual….

flako luvzbud

What an awesome beard

Arturo Alvarez

It was a whole different offensive who did the change😢

    Eddie V

    The blocking scheme up front is basically the same.

Eddie V

Take the heat Travis. You all loss the battle up front.

Was it scheme?

Bottom line you did not get it done up front against 7 man boxes against the run.

Pass pro was okay but overall your unit did not get it done this week.

Yall are the backbone of this Team. We go nowhere without you all getting it done up front.

Real talk.


    Eddie V stfu

Dallas The Great

Garrett interfered with the play calling

    M R

    Looked like Linnehan was calling the plays.

    Lorenzo Douglas

    That’s the first thing I said. It was rumored he wasn’t pleased with the pass first approach. Although Dak was throwing for 3 TDs and completing 70 percent passing.


You all don’t need to worry about copycats except for Garrett. Garrett went right back to Linnehan’s pathetic playcalling or forced it down Moore’s throat. They got rid of Linnehan, why go back to his failed playcalling style? Garrett needs to go, so sick of this loser interfering with what works.

    Saved By Grace

    M R running the ball against a 6 man box is smart. The o-line simply didn’t execute. It’s not like they were forcing the run against an 8 man box like linehan did. The playcalling wasn’t bad. The defense just played better. On to Green Bay.

Chris Nixon

Holy shyt, this dude is super smart

Manuel Cavalier

Travis Frederick is a kool guy smart funny on point and all DALLAS COWBOY Cowboys #1

Snoop Brown

I like him… Very well spoken… Mindful but yet truthful…

Paul Rivera

it wasnt the play calling. it was the fumbles and penalties that hurt the most.

EazyKeey Music

He gonna be a coach one day, watch.

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