Travis Frederick on 105.3 The Fan | 10/14/19 | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kathi Starns Reply

Travis Frederick is good people 🏈😄

Stargazer Reply

dj tried 6 different ways to get Frederick to say garrett is to blame… NO HE ISN’T… if ur gonna give kellen, richard and dak all the credit when we win then they deserve the blame when we lose

    Rex Brown Reply

    Jason the HC and it’s the same story for 8 years! No game planning and I am still waiting to see his genius on offense! Jason Garrett is the field general and he a nice guy but not a good head coach!

juan serrano Reply

What else do you want to hear !, he said it him self they don’t respect Jasón “he needs to game plan on gettin closer to the players to high five them “!?, lol no respect

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