Travis Frederick: “Guys Were Excited To See Him” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
dragon joe

I’m just as pumped to have Travis back!

    donald deluxe

    Imagine that O-line with him leading that line to make canyons to run through for the power backs and Swiss Army knife of a patience back! We ready.

Michael Buchanan

Beast this guy is a beast we are happy to have you back too

Gabriel Valles

Travis, Zach, Tyron and the rest of the O-line elevate Zeke for sure. Can’t sleep on the work these guys do either!

Alejandro Cueto Duron

Travis we love you as much as we love Zek .

Albert Paiz

Great to have this dude back

Curley Brockman

All they got to do stay health and play there game….

Flat earth is New Jerusalem

Travis is as much of a an impact as zeke is

    IndoFoKinFolk Foo


Jondavid Bristow

Going to be great to have both of them back
Come on Sunday

ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th

NY giants & the NFC east AINT happy Zekes back

Sara Williams

One of my favorites. So happy to see Travis back!

    Lava LifeGuard

    Agreed Sara

Charles Brown

Damn he’s a good interview. Smart as hell. He’ll make the entire line better.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Travis is a beast on the field, and a class act off of it

Ruben Espinoza

Espinoza s in d’s 🏠 let’s go hot boyz

Sammy Ramirez

My boy Travis Frederick is so cerebral!! Love ya big bully. Praying your dreams you come back to your elite form. Even if you’re at 75% you’re still ahead of the game!! You’re gonna be a great Head Coach! You heard here first!!


Daing bro; we’re gonna have Tyron, Martin, Frederick, AND Collins play together again with a clean bill of health c’mon man!!!!! Woohoo let’s get it this yr Boyz!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 they finna give a retro of the 2016 and take the chip at the end!!!🏆

Kurt McKelvey

We got Travis , Zek ,and the purge Defense !!!!! 😕 🇺🇸


Travis is a team captain IMO.


Not only is Travis a beast on the field, but he’s sharp as a tack. Glad to have him back. Let’s get it Cowboys!!

Saul Tarsus

This oline might be as good as it was Daks rookie year,when they were dominate….

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