Travis Frederick: Block The Same Way | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Omar Ramirez

Glad to see Frederick doing much better! Let’s go Cowboys! 🤠 🏈

Cowboyz Legend 27

So glad to have you back champ 💯💯💯

Ryan S

This dudes impact on the line is immeasurable. They went from being a middle of the pack line which was declining to now I would say at least top 5 thus far

    Ethan Davis

    we are #1 in allowed sacks

    samuel subia

    dak has only been sacked twice??

    Bradley Conard

    We are number 1 in pass blocking with a .7 average sack a game ratio.

bar ridge

The one down vote is from that Miami clown that got owned by Lewis on Twitter. hahahah

Marquisha Franklin

This man has made the difference this year, I’m so glad he’s back. He make us better

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