Travis Etienne Jr. Meets with Local Media | Jaguars Coverage of NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kareem Rivers

Good stuff! Go Jags!!




    @DamperEmu agreed

    Kareem Rivers

    He’s dynamic. Would’ve been bad to reach for those guys that NOBODY else picked in the first round. Coaches do research and don’t watch mock drafts(people guessing what will happen). You shouldn’t either.


    @Kareem Rivers rb is the least of our concerns

    Kareem Rivers

    When you’re 1-15 everything is a concern. Don’t jump on when he goes off! Go Jags!!

Urs G

Let’s go can’t wait to run it down people’s throats!!! Plus adding TLaw can’t wait for this season


    They already did with jrob

    Hunter Crain

    @DamperEmu 1-15… right down their throats.

ObiWan Shinobi

You and 30 are gonna keep everybody on their toes! No rest!


Love this pick…Chemistry with Trev, elite pass catching RB talent will help a young QB with easy options. Will take workload off Robinson and keep him fresh in games despite everyone crying “what about Robinson”

    Chance James

    @DamperEmu leatherwood that high was most definitely the worst pick, but go off. This mans worst season was a 13 TD season, pipe down.


    @Chance James ok and? Collage and nfl aren’t the same bud. Hopefully he will be a bust so James Robinson can take over again


    @DamperEmu Bro you need a 2 headed monster to have a excellent running game. Keep James Robinson resting and to have 2 guys that can run the ball pretty good is good to have. Carlos Hyde wasn’t a good fit with Robinson he’s trash in my opinion


    @DamperEmu you’re a clown wishing failure in someone else’s life. this is why you’ll never amount to anything in life


    @melanchxlic Bro I got to protect my boy JRob


As a Clemson and Jaguars fan this is going great!

    Jags Fan15

    And trevon moehreg is available at 33

    John N

    Damn bro you got lucky there. First time thats ever happened in nfl history too.

    Tommy Hatch

    I’m loving it. I’ve been a Jag fan my whole life and I am graduating from Clemson this semester. Go Tigers! Go Jaguars!


Running games with Travis and James boutta be HOT

    Stanely Pig


Hunter Crain

Aikman/Emmitt 2.0

Hunter Crain

All you bitching about James Robinson… there were plenty of carries to go around for both Fred and MJD back in the day.

    Kevin C

    I wasn’t totally sold on this pick until I read your comment. I’m all in. Go Jags!


    Still not in. We need to protect Trevor.

    Steffon bigbody

    Bad comparison fred was on the decline

    Abdamenace Music

    @BLADE Bruh We Still Got 3 More Picks In Top 65, I’m Sure We’ll Address The O-Line


    @Abdamenace Music we better. Also I want Rassau



anthony sulli

Love this pick best available. Best running back. This years Draft is stacked in talent at both ends. Best available

Joshua Jacob

I laugh at how the “experts” and couch scouts screamed at this young man bring picked at 25 because O-line and safety was available, but here the Jaguar’s are up again and neither of those positions were picked after Etienne. This was the right choice.

gerald mckinnon

I questioned this pick at first… but then we see ALL the players that have been talked about at 25 pick, are still available at 33… good pick

    Owen Whittaker

    My exact reaction

SpurVille 17

2headed monster 🤟🏾🐆😎

Kyle C

Excellent, we needed a dynamite playmaker.

Super Bruhz

this is actually a great pick, all the defensive guys and lineman that we want are still there at pick 33 and he probably wasnt gonna be there. Plus people dont realize that robinson got injured last year because he was fed the rock to many times. They compliment each other very well, etienne is a better receiver and is a lot faster but isnt as strong and dosent run with the power that james runs with. Our offense is gonna be top 5 next year

Darion Allen


Mind Set

FreddyT and MJD 2.0, and this is another form of protecting Tlaw by adding another weapon, chemistry, and he’s a 3rd down back so defenses stay on there toes. Last year James Rob couldn’t come out the game and when he did, defense change their keys to pass alerts duh. As well as everyone when want is still there. Let these people do there job as we should💯

Luke Angus

Trav and trev!!


Kinda feeling that old Fred Taylor/MJD running game coming back to Jville!!

Carolina Kudzu

Jag fans have no idea how lucky they are to get this young man. Besides his awesome talent, he’s a hard working, modest young man. Such high character!

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