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Mitch from Mitch-cast



Honestly this all worked out because dudes like Jenkins, Barmore, and Moehrig are still there


    @DOWN x SHIFTED exactly! J Rob had to carry the offense last year, and by the end of the season it started to take it’s toll. Travis gives us an excellent running back rotation. A guy like that doesn’t go in the second round. At 33 we still have plenty of options available to us. I was surprised, but I’m also very excited the front office jumped in this great opportunity.


    @Moon Illusions Bro you tripping it always good to have a 2 headed monster running game. You keep both backs with fresh legs you got 2 good backs gonna be hard to stop. This was a good pick the other running backs in the later round are not has good has this guy plus the pieces we still need didn’t even get picked up. I want the Safety out of TCU I think the Offense is stronger now so I’m looking forward to this 33rd pick to be Defense


    @Marszalek Yeah ETN wouldve been picked before 33 for sure. If anything ETN helps lengthen JRobs shelf time


    @ChromebookGod Exactly, ETN wouldnt have been there at 33 so I have no problem taking him at 25

    Moon Illusions

    @Bryan Kenneth Gainwell. Michael Carter. Javian Hawkins. Kylin Hill. Three of these guys will be really good. Hawkins will probably be average. You could get any of them from rounds 3-5.

anthony sulli

Love the pick. Wonder what urban told Trent before the video ends


    Why? We don’t need a rb

    Hoosier Daddy

    @BLADE cuz it’s ettiene


    @BLADE what we wanted wasn’t on the board and all the good picks are still available you’re playing checkers while their playing chess we can get Moehrig at 33 today or JOK and maybe a TE or OT at 45 we needed another rb look at the bucs and browns ground game.. some of the best in the league it’s a 2 back league now


    @melanchxlicExactly! Looking what the Ravens did last your with the pick of Dobbins.

Urs G

Ready to run it down the oppositions throats. With Robinsons reliable running paired with ETN game changing ability what a 1-2 can’t wait for week 1.


Meyer super happy at the end, nicccee

Baltimore Ravens Flock

great pick!


I hate this pick. Running back is the least of our concerns. We need to protect Trevor, we need tight ends, we could have taken any kind of defensive player. Running back is the only position that isn’t a need for us.

    iFan Reacts

    This is the best pick, trust me you gonna love ETN and Sunshine!
    Clemson fan now buying Jag gear!

    Jared Maxwell

    @BLADE We have 8 more picks LOL!!! 😂😂😂


    Are you crazy? Lawrence & Etienne reunited together, they know each other, this team have the potential to be great in 2021.


    @Apostle we could have had newdome or oweh who where actual positions of need. In not callinh Etienne bad or a bad fit by any means I’m just saying RB is the least of our.



Sylmond Domingo

I feel bad for James Robinson

    anthon lopez

    I think he will be traded

    YaboiSkinnyPenis 445

    @anthon lopez You clearly don’t know how this works do you


    @anthon lopez Carlos Hyde maybe; but not JR.

    Donavan McElroy

    Why!?!? James is a bruiser, and Etiene is a speedster. It’s gonna be a 1-2 punch like no other! Just wait, bro. It’ll be fantastic with Trev, James, and Travis all in the backfield! Go Jags!!!!!!!!

Brett Ammons

This is the perfect pick for the Jaguars. You want the rookie QB to feel calm and confident. So give him his backfield mate of three years to keep the magic going!


I love this pick! This guy has star potential, and giving Trevor the backfield he’s used to is huge. J Rob had to carry the offense last year, and this will help to take the weight off his shoulders. Travis and J Rob are going to give us a very scary backfield for years to come!

    anthon lopez

    I think j.rob will be traded


    @anthon lopez nah……Carlos Hyde will.

Mark West

This guy is still improving. Couldn’t pass block or catch the ball out of the backfield his first year at Clemson, ended up being one of the best RB’s in the country at both things. Had a crap o-line his last season at Clemson, but still created a lot of big runs on his own. Great pick!


    Great observation.

    Jordan Jackson

    As a die hard Clemson fan. Those are FACTS. I’m def a new jags fan now. These boys gonna be a problem 🤐


Wowwww I’m impressed with Balke and Meyer. They stole etienne and knew moehrig would be still there at 33

Mind Set

FreddyT and MJD 2.0, and this is another form of protecting Tlaw by adding another weapon, chemistry, and he’s a 3rd down back so defenses stay on there toes. Last year James Rob couldn’t come out the game and when he did, defense change their keys to pass alerts duh. As well as everyone when want is still there. Let these people do there job as we should💯

Mikey Wright

I want Moehrig so bad that my gut says we’ll pick someone else.

Sole Kopes

Urban Meyer is not going to work in Jacksonville. Like Pat McAfee mentioned, these are grown a** men your dealing with, not boys(“Your Going in the weight room tomorrow”). Can’t force them to do something they don’t want to as most top level athletes are getting paid the big bucks. The NFL game is just different. Congrats to Travis!

    Scott Hall

    Who cares what Pat Macafee says? Lmao hes a former punter turned talking head with an axe to grind. Hasn’t coached a game, “hes not going to work in the NFL” smh youd be good on ESPN with that braindead commentary

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