Training Camp Press Conference – Head Coach Ron Rivera – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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OKG2000 Reply

how come we are the only team with ZERO coverage?

    Vern Stewart Reply

    Under the radar! 💪🏾 The whole NFL, are sleeping on the WFT. They’re going to surprise a lot of ppl. 💯

    Sphinxity Reply

    Vern Stewart HTTWFT

    Paul Greenwell Reply

    All I say is watch n learn we gonna the a PROBLEM THIS YEAR

Kam Reply

y’all not gonna bleep out the double half back reverse…

    Sphinxity Reply

    I’m assuming since it was already out it’s not a big deal

StreetCammo Reply

Washington media is the worst. They’re very negative and give away way too much information. The helping the other teams. They’re trying to report their failures while doing everything in their power to help Washington lose. Exposing trick plays. Lineups. Tendencies. Etc.

    L C Reply

    We have every reason to hate them and indeed I do

Michael Lee Reply

Great reminder to the media coach!

Anthony Price Reply

You the man Ron!

B Bruno Reply

My COACH!!!!

202 DeSignated Reply

These Reporters be asking dumb questions and tweeting too much 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️ Cmon Y’all Chill Tf Out #InRonWeTrust

Paul Greenwell Reply


VTRoy Gohokies Reply

Logan will have a breakout year, unleash the beast!

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