Training Camp Live: Working On The Run Game | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ambar 💙💙💙💙

Jimmy Greer

Jeez guys, this is the Dallas Cowboys….not the San Diego Fleet. So how about cleaning off the camera before filming?

    Ali Muhammad

    Cooper rush look way better than dak in practice


I love the rpo and pre snap motion and alignment. Want to see more of those and misdirections.

    King Adams


    Ali Muhammad

    Rush jus look better than dak period an he should start dak not gettin paid because of rush play he looks better definitely better arm

    Brandon Dowdy

    Ali he has a stronger arm, but absolutely NOT a better player. Dunno what kind of plays or practices your watching.


    @Ali Muhammad idk what practice you’re watching rush is no way better than dak. You’re saying rush is better but he hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass in the regular season. Idk if it’s dak hate or ignorance why would you say rush is better when dak has 2 division titles and hasn’t had a losing season. If you don’t like dak just say you don’t like him. Lol

WiltChamberlain Trell

9 minutes

Adrian Soto

Ambar 😍

Lava LifeGuard

Ambar, the best looking Dominican I’ve seen!

Daniel Rodriguez

Ambar garcia Jesus Christ 😍👉⭕🍌

    Kevin’s Durant’s Burner

    Daniel Rodriguez I feel bad for you. Jawn is a solid 6

Jeff Perteet

I spy with my little eye!

Dre Ocean

Id hit that!!!

    Ali Muhammad

    Rush better dak trash


    @Ali Muhammad Sure he is…… lol

Law Nation

@ 1:45 Dude doing those push ups in the background made this video hilarious..

Kevin Oreilly

Thanks for the awesome video!

Rollo Tomassi

Sorry Bryan didn’t even know you were there

Herk Tabaniag Sr.

Ol Brodus has a

Joseph Sheldon

Feels like we’re missing someone? X)


    Joseph Sheldon yeah doesn’t feel complete


I love her

Isaiah Calderon

Bro at 29 sec dudes hoodie pulled itself up wtf

Isaiah Calderon


Alex Cox

How is micheal Jackson doing though?

Abel Hugo Cruz

Can you guys please get a different camera man???

Abel Hugo Cruz

It’s like someone asked my aunt to help record the practice??? (my AUNT is the worst person you can ask to operate a camera) PLEASE get a different camera man… You can’t even enjoy what you’re watching. It ruins your entire report and makes people’s head hurt!

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