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simple squad

Hope zeke stays

    Kamryn Vanatta

    simple squad He ain’t staying he’s tired of carrying the Cowboys get that through your head

David Cantu

Kellen Moore will use the fullback more creative this year watch…

    Kamryn Vanatta

    David Cantu Nope you are wrong and you know it

Evan Hildring

Just trade Zeke. He’s just a distraction. Pollard’s the real deal!

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Evan Hildring without Zeke no playoffs and no super bowl sorry buddy it’s the truth

    Juan El Bean

    @Swazie well Romo got hurt that year we lost Murray

    Mandoe Muñoz

    Makes no sense to trade Zeke now . Would have made sense to trade him before the draft so you’ll know where you’re picking

    Ali Muhammad

    I agree

    John Crabtree

    Pollard might be good but zeke is elite and the other rbs are average at best

Eric Griffin

Since when do Rush and White get participation trophies. They showed me nothing.

    Travis Holly

    @WiltChamberlain Trell no it’s not his fault that they loss those games but you Dak Prescott lovers are the first ones to give him credit for winning games. I can’t even name a Seattle Seahawk receiver or even the running back but Russell Wilson gets it done no matter what.

    Travis Holly

    @TheRexrapper when I say carry a team I mean that the quarterback is still functional, all those quarterbacks that you mentioned are functional when missing key players with the exception of Eli time has caught up to him.


    @Travis Holly They’ve always had talent around them lol. They aren’t out there throwing to 3rd and 4th options like Dak was prior to Cooper. Jacksonville didn’t even want to bring Hurns back. Terrance Williams still doesn’t have a job. Deonte Thompson is a journeyman. Gallup was a rookie. Beasley is a third option. Then not to mention they had 3 TE’s who were later round picks getting playing time and had either never played an NFL snap or barely played an NFL snap. But the expectation is he’s still supposed to play well. Name me the QB’s who excel in situations like that?

Eric Mattison

Offense looked good in the redzone

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Eric Mattison Ha laughable

WiltChamberlain Trell

Rush did a good job ??? U lost me there broaddus…..Be honest those backup QBs SUCK !

    WiltChamberlain Trell

    @Kamryn Vanatta broaddus needs to use his brain lol


    WiltChamberlain Trell he hates Dak

    Mandoe Muñoz

    More than half of backups suck

    WiltChamberlain Trell

    @Mandoe Muñoz it’s some legit backup veteran QBs in the league that can do more than what cooper rush is doing

WiltChamberlain Trell

Taco was the best thing I took away from that game

Chris Silva

What if we had a full back like mike alstott 🧐

    Ryan R

    They play LB now

Jeremy Ledbetter

I believe Jourdan Lewis and Xavier Woods will step up this year. I expect big things. Those are 2 guys in the secondary that can create turnovers

    Ryan R

    Woods absolutely…Lewis is iffy

Timothy Walker

Need to trade for Case Keenum. Give up a 6th or 7th rounder.

    Ryan R

    What makes you think they would give him up for that? 🤦‍♂️


    For a backup?

    Baron Samedi3000

    Cocaine is a helluva drug

Henry Hill

That’s my qb the new 40 million dollar man!!!!!!

    Ricky Garcia

    That will make the east very happy.. what a fool.. dak get lost.

Tyler Stewart

Get Manziel he can still play he is in shape why not

    Ryan R

    Cuz they passed on him once and were geniuses when they got Martin. They aint gunna be that stupid now. There are far better backup options than Maziel. 🤦‍♂️

Ryan R

Tavon makes the team🤦‍♂️ how is that in doubt? The guy made plays when he was there

    Chiludo_ 88X

    Plus they traded away a draft pick for Tavon. He should make the team regardless

    Ryan R

    @Chiludo_ 88X i mean him and Pollard could be great in the return game and he gives us new dimensions to our play calling

Affordable Sticks

Dak looks great

Darrell Yates

To many distractions the season is doomed already thank you jones family you never seem to amaze us.

Charlie Williams

These guys where literally in front of me at camp yesterday.


Dak is all leadership and intangibles, and no stats. Hes like a Jim Harbaugh, Jason Garret, or Doug Peterson. Leadership guys, with high football IQ, but average football ability. Hes a future coach, not a future hall of famer. Dak and his agent knows it, thats why theyre trying to get this big contract before the league sees Daks real ability.


    So a guy who is top 10 over the last 3 years in total yards, touchdowns, passer rating, QBR, completion percentage and top 3 in 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives are those 3 players? Do you even watch football?

John Crabtree

Once zeke gets back and cooper and zac can overcome their injuries this offense should b great


Is running the ball in the Redzone impossible? For the love of everything Holy…..please run the ball.

m molina

Jason Witten is a Red Zone Pimp!!

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