Training Camp Live: Jason Witten Shines | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Big Witt!!

Garrett Horsch

Around 7:43 that isn’t jason witten. That is witten beckham jr.

    Steve Seechan

    Garrett Horsch never associate the goat with that drama queen lol


These formations are amazing omg


Damn Dak Pump fake sometimes 🤷‍♂️

    internal thoughted1

    DaGreat you take camp with a grain of salt their just going through the motions right now

    Henry Hill

    I’ve been saying that since his rookie year . I don’t understand it at all.

    David m

    Watch some games somethings idiots


😲 dallas cowboys nation!


Tony pollard is special


I like these aggressive downfield throws. Give me more explosive downfield plays this year.

    Garrett Horsch

    Antbeast23 john kitna is helping Dak, Rush, and White immensely. You can see it in this video clear as day. The thing people don’t realize about Moore is that he was an Ivy Leaguer and relied much more on his intelligence for the game when he did play. Notice how extremely good athletes never end up as coaches but the guys with less athletic talent do. Thats because as I said INTELLIGENCE for the game. Kitna on the other hand had been around for so long he knows everything about being a QB in the NFL and has Dak looking like Warren Moon.

    John Wiley

    Kitna has been working with Prescott on long passes, it’s an emphasis this year in camp


These formation nd Witten 😍


And madden has this boy at a 77 ovr …. Smdh

Rodney Sowels

Should be a fun year

Kaptain KoRn

Tony pollard is gonna shock alot of people

WiltChamberlain Trell

Jourdan Lewis looking good

Simon Green

Damn dak wit the shoulder fake though MVP year

Michael Miller

Lmao witt with the air hump on the ball

Charles Brown

Brian, I love this video format! Keep ’em coming!! Great commentary

Henry Hill

I’m loving Moore offense and loving our 2 rb .

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

These young guys can’t cover big Witt.

Kevin Oreilly

Amari got pushed definitely a penalty in season

Magnus Samuelson

They look engaged and sharp. Especially the tight ends.

Yaya Drippy

Mane now I definitely can’t. Wait for the season to start

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