Training Camp Live: Exciting Blitz Period Action | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aiden Miller


    Kamryn Vanatta

    Aiden Miller Cool nobody cares

Nathan Cerebe


    Kamryn Vanatta

    Nathan Cerebe You want a candy to go along with that award?

Justin Gutierrez


    Kamryn Vanatta

    Justin Gutierrez Your mom must feel so proud 🤗

Donna Blanton

The best yet from Ambar…great job!

    Donna Blanton

    @Kamryn Vanatta I have no idea what you are saying. Sorry.


    She’s horrible

    Donna Blanton

    @boxing97 Hispanic? They need to turn her mike down but I don’t agree.

    Donna Blanton

    @ANDRE’ WILBANKS she makes excellent points and this episode, she was her best. I think encouraging is better than slander/libel.

Tommie Jenkins

Did she really say cooper rush has been good all training camp🤣🤣😂 mike white has been way better


    I guess we aint watchong the same training camp. Rush has outplayed Mike White by quite a bit.


    Tommie Jenkins rush has been playing better than white they both are horrible tho


    Tommie Jenkins Both are trash. Cut both their asses after this season and draft better qbs next year.

Nicolas Garcia

That bootleg double tight end set is an easy 5-7 yards.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Nicolas Garcia Don’t be complaining once it doesn’t work during the regular season

    Mandoe Muñoz

    Kamryn Vanatta if it works against our own defense why wouldn’t it work in an actual game ? Our Defense is legit

Adam Gallegos

Go Amber Garcia!

d 13

Baby girl I love when you say “buu” ! Its but,but I love it

Juan El Bean


Michelle Ezeugo

Wonderful Ambar


I went to the training camp yesterday and I just gotta say Brett Maher was not looking good at all


    Damn I hope he can win us a lot of games this season


    Nash Can we ever have a complete team? Haha.

Kane Fairweather

What’s ambar’s @

Atoyia M Blackshear

GO COWBOYS#1!!!!!!!! WE THEM BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!

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