Training Camp Live: Action Packed Team Period | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kevin James

We Dem Boyz



Ups Downs

Woods is gonna be NASTY! That dude is ballin!


Woods is a playmaker


Cooper rush is bad lol our backup qb’s smh

    Tommie Jenkins

    Antbeast23 mike white is better more accurate passer

John Mullis

Great job covering Cowboys Training Camp! I’ve tuned into multiple practice sessions and all are very detailed, informative, and appreciative of the players. I find that that level of professionalism unmatched by other Dallas Cowboys sources. Keep up the great work 👍🏻.

Chase Dyer

Somebody just discovered the zoom button

marcus profit

Voted #1 Youth Football Player in America 7U age group check him out 🏈


Lookout NFC East are defense is gonna be nasty!



Erik Godoy

Bryan I see you man, slimming down.

The Man

Joe Looney is a valuable player, and Woods is looking solid

Whip cast

I think you guys should consider getting elevated with the camera. field level views, especially when zoomed in …. you just cant see much of what is going on. elevated the viewers would see everything going on

    D B

    I think it’s against NFL rules.

Tommie Jenkins

Olamba should start over Anthony brown he can’t keep up with fast receivers or get his head around we seen that last year

    Ivan Sanchez

    No just no

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