Training Camp Live: 8-6 Training Camp Live: Dak Rolls Through 7-on-7 | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Branden Broadhead

Great job Bryan & David I love these kind of coverage at training camp!

Loaded Glock

I cant wait to see the #Boys in some game time action against the 9ers

Mandoe Muñoz

Can we get Dak a coach whose only job is to get his footwork right !!??

    Tyler Woods

    They already do his name is Jon Kitna QB coach

    black 51

    Go out there show him how it’s done coach.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Mandoe Muñoz Dak is trash

    black 51

    @Kamryn Vanatta with that face you don’t need to call anyone trash

Jonny rocket23

Tom Brady won 5 super bowls by using check downs you dummies


    He won 5 super bowls by being a great leader nd being elite for many years. You don’t throw 50 TDs in one season just by throwing check downs lol c’mon man.

    Jonny rocket23

    @Antbeast23 I said by using check downs as every great QB should it’s an easy 5 to 8 yards

    Michael Buchanan

    He is no Tom Brady

Dividend Income

Witten seriously looks slimmer then I’ve seen him in a long time. It’s noticeable for sure.

Tim Lindwall

i think they are over critiquing training camp practices lol in the game everything is so much faster and your alot more focused, adrenaline ect. i wouldnt look too much into 7 on 7s n stuff even the best qbs throw alot of ints. its about keeping the team as healthy as possible while making sure the team is prepared to play a live game against another team. dak is a gamer just wait.

Juan El Bean

Must be tough for Dak going against our secondary lol. That should make him a better player

    Lance Allen

    I thought you was talking bout some other team

    Juan El Bean

    @Lance Allen nah man.

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Juan El Bean Defense is going up against a below average QB of course the secondary is doing good in training camp dumbass

    Kenneth Carter

    @Kamryn Vanatta who’s your team?

Feed Me Highlights

@4:57 number 40 Mike Weber is a good route runner.

Brodie Jordan

Jarwin will be a problem! You heard it here first

    Giffond Hall


    Rob Host

    He’s lookin like our tight end of the future. Him and Gallup poised for breakout years

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Brodie Jordan 1 game wonder

    Rob Host

    Kamryn Vanatta no, it just took him all year to get going. He made some good catches in the playoffs too. Guy shows real promise


When u throw checkdowns on 7 on 7 or scrimmage u know defense is balling

Tommie Jenkins

So glad to see white running with the 2’s instead of rush he’s garbage

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Tommie Jenkins Just like you

Johnny Hernandez

Dak Prescott throw more deeper and better when he on the move like they need to make more plays for him rolling out for those passes

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Johnny Hernandez That’s a myth

    Johnny Hernandez

    @Kamryn Vanatta it actually been proven …when he throw that gaming touch down to Beasley against the giants and against rams when rolled out the pocket passed it to Gallup for a touchdown ..dak cant throw as far when he in the pocket

    Liam Kemelov

    I noticed that to, I always jump out of my couch when I see Dak rolling out of the pocket.

Chris Nixon

Dak just a safe quarterback. Even in practice. It’s his thing I’m down with it.
For the record I looked at all the stats; dak is making half of all his deep throws just like everybody else that’s great. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes. The leaders at that deep ball percentage. was Jared Goff and Russell Wilson. Look it up ur self Bryan haha;)

    John McClure

    Chris Nixon don’t lie… you didn’t look it up yourself. You watched Voch Lombardi’s video.

Phyrom Huy

Hey Helman how bout putting on some Cowboys gear? Idk since they do employ you it might be nice to kind of represent the team.

Il Tack Bae

Success of Defense or Failure of Offense?

Corey Dickey

We know he throws great on the move. We know he has a leg threat. We know we have shaky line issue in the left or have. We still force a pocket play instead of moving the pocket. Seems about right.


I See Brian got his Adderall prescription refilled

Isaac Gonzales

Camera work needs work

Fluffy Pillow

Is that Mic Holding David or is David holding that Mic

Steve Wainwright

I wish the camera man would stop zooming in on players. It makes it hard to see what’s going on.

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