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Badness Nards Collecting

Rob aka Frankenfuck

7 Reasons

Y’all mfs actin like all qbs don’t ever throw a pick in practice. Move around with that.

    Saved By Grace

    cortezmauricio56 I’m salty that that my favorite team went from 3-5 to winning a playoff game. so salty. If anyone’s butthurt that’d be the raiders fan peeking on other teams YouTube channels like wth

    Antonio Gracia

    @Fernando Ramirez why they come and watch our practice videos , I will never figure that one out

    Antonio Gracia

    @cortezmauricio56 where do we jump to raiders practice videos?

Juan El Bean

You learn from your mistakes its alright Dak. Go Cowboys go!


People are trashing Dak for a pick, but not praising Woods for jumping that route? That’s what I want to see from this defense this year, Dak will do his thing like he does in the regular season but this defense needs more picks.


    Need that defense to create more turnovers




    aha they even took dak out after the int

    Jim Becker

    Its practice Dak cant decide to eat it he has to throw it. Also he was told the other day by his coaches to let it rip.

    dark vaper

    Believe me this defense is better than last year even with Heath still in there

Mel Hayes

I’m sure the defense knows the plays.

Mandoe Muñoz

Soft Taco


3:25 excellent call by Chris, the whole concept was to make Dak think he has someone open, woods knew where he would go will it, that is why he hesitated a little bit before. Anthony Brown caused pressure to force Dak to throw. Great call.


Credit to the X- Man. Show them who you are.

Herk Tabaniag Sr.

3:26 Da Predator called that pick 6 …Lezz go D..🐂🐂🐂🐂

Feed Me Highlights

Please make these 20 to 25 minutes please 😀


Idk abt hill. I feel like he won’t pan out. Especially if he don’t start

mrthumsup 7

Can the camera man zoom out tho.😤


I’m going to need y’all go do training camp live with footage from a drone


Go Cowboys! Looks like a super bowl team. They need better production on these videos. They need an actual camera crew with multiple angles and stuff just like they have in games

Jerry Munoz

Who tf is this camera person!? A High School kid with an iPhone 9 can do better than this.

James Cathey III

Still no Zeke?

Wayne Hawkins

Is the glass half empty or half full with that on DAK.It’s half-fullPositive perspective.This quarterback has a respect to the whole team.Wake up!So maybe the Lockeroom knows something that the public don’t.Like Alan Iverson see this is practice.Anybody who’s ever played sports and been the practice already knows this.Shake all of them haters.Go cowboys


Tony Pollard is promising can’t wait for him to be cooking up if Zeke doesn’t come back

Andre Fields

Practice that’s what we talking about practice…smh you guys…


Yall have to let us see the play and not just the players lol

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