Training Camp Highlights: Who Stepped Up at Practice? | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Training Camp Highlights: Who Stepped Up at Practice? | New York Giants

In this episode of Giants Training Camp Report presented by Investors Bank, Madelyn Burke and Shaun O'Hara take you inside Training Camp, including a recap of Friday's intrasquad scrimmage and a detailed look at the special teams and defense

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John Majewksi Reply

First huge giants fan

Noam The Goat Reply

This is there year


    You seen our schedule? It won’t be this year unless there’s some freak miracle. All we need is for this roster and coaching staff to learn and show consistency. Something we haven’t seen in years. IMO if we get 7 wins that’s a good first season for this new team.

    Brendon Ralph Reply

    Kid Rapper we were good in 2008 then 2012 then 2016 now it’s 2020 following that pattern we gotta be good this year

    Jason Reply

    ANYMUSICLIVE even 5 wins would be a good season/ huge improvement considering all the factors against us.

    Daaquan Lassiter Reply

    Jason that’s way too low of a standard

    Jason Reply

    Daaquan Lassiter how so? Explain.

King Andy Reply

More long vids please🙏🏽💙

Christian Tuiaana Reply

Commenting til I got noticed by my favorite sports team forever🥺

    Jason Reply

    You’ll be commenting till death then

New York Giants Reply

Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more Giants content!

    Mr. Christopher Reply

    Thank you New York Giants!

Marlene Marquez Reply

So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

Jackson Derosia Reply

Who else agrees the cowboys are so overated every season

    Ahappytedybear 2 Reply

    team are always overrated by their fans

    Jackson Derosia Reply

    @Ahappytedybear 2 That is so true

    Ralph beans Reply

    i dont

    white truth Reply

    On a Giants channel talking about Cowboys,Sounds like someone is obsessed and infatuated with Dallas.. SMH

Ferne Stout Reply

Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Charles Meckwood Reply

Madelyn sure looks good real nice seeing her and her and the old center have some good observations 👍

    Jason Reply

    Last video you commented on her legs, sicko.

    Steven Arce Reply

    Jason 🤣🤣🤣

Lillie Mai Wicks Reply

Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

The Hub Reply




Minos Daking Reply

DJones is gunna make his mark on this year! Watch Out Pittsburgh!!

Rick Kasten Reply

I LOVE listening to Darnay Holmes talk! Such wisdom and vision in a young man

AdamsAudiVlog * Reply

The obvious and apparent contrast between how Darnay is approaching his rookie season as compared to DeAndre baker couldn’t be more noticeable. Seeking out knowledge being attentive etc. Just as gettleman deserves the blame for the baker pick he also deserves the acknowledgment for the Holmes pcik. And Love. And Thomas. And Ryan connelly etc

    Go Giants4 Reply

    AdamsAudiVlog * baker was gentleman’s only bad pick. And if he didn’t get arrested he was probably gonna have a good Szn he played solid in the last half of the szn

    Malcolm Harrison Reply

    I wouldn’t say Baker was a bad pick. One he was a Thorpe Award winner. He didn’t have these kinds of flags at UGA either. He was a solid pick at 30. Baker’s choices are his not Dave. Dude made a great pick player wise. Baker the one making millions to play. He should’ve changed his circle and his way of doing things. I liked the pick. We needed a corner and we got a pretty good on. He just blew his chance.

Joe Mauer Reply

Everything is new. I’m excited about our Coaching Staff. I’m excited about our very young players. I’m really liking what I see from DJ. Hope we get a season off.

    Daaquan Lassiter Reply

    A season off?

Pasha 23 Reply

G men goin 9-7 let’s go yesirrrrr

Honu's Mom Reply

Who is number 19 and why was he not paying attention when Jason was trying to teach him something? Grrrr

Frank Graham Reply

No Fake pre- season games ……. so this year’s training camp is like college football…. they train then go right into REAL GAMES.

Gmoneyinc Reply

Slayton will have a good season and people will start noticing him more. Hopefully he stays healthy.

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