Tracy Walker on team’s hard work – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
the inbaron

What a great attitude

    Dustin Denham

    Agreed. Kid is awesome.


Haha they sound like PATRICA go lions

Michael Roland

Proud of those guys even if they didn’t win you could definitely see them playing hard

Cad Bane

I thought he was crying in the thumbnail 🙁 #ONEPRIDE

Austin Rich

this defense is really good im keep saying this the offense gotta get its points in the redzone. this defense will get turnovers gotta capitalize. there has been times they will have a long drive and only get 3 cant be doing that.

Owen Sixteen

:27 oh snap. Lol

    Jack Miller

    KC considered best team, so they say…lol


Lions have great pass coverage.. they shut down the passing game of Kansas city.. and that’s impressive..

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