Tracy Walker on importance of creating turnovers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

21 reasons πŸˆπŸƒπŸΏ

Don Bur

Beast right there Tracey u will be a all pro my guy!!!


Let’s goooooo #OnePride 🦁

Buckeye Troller

Tracy has two phones and one needs to charge

Aaron Bialo

Ball out, have fun, the wins will follow

Mattie Fattie

Someone please make a hip-hop song out of this: “Like I Said”

Lorin Keehn

Humble man right there. We dont need one drama queen on this team. Especially with the NFL turning into the NBA with all these bitchy players. No room for that in the locker room.

A. 1 S

GO HARD , 60 MIN…. LIONS ALL DAY!!!!! 19″ OUR YEAR!!!!

Dennis T

TEAM LIONS 🦁 Honolulu Blue Forever

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