Touchdown in Israel III: Patriots play football in Israel – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jake Klatt

First and have a great season

The Bear's Den


Unknown 67

Pats going to the super Bowl again!!

Brandon Nguyen

Anyone else see Wilfork bite into a sandwich at the end

    NE Patrul

    Mad lad


I saw the Zo


Mayo is going to have pads on and be playing by week 4! He’s having too much fun out there!

    John Conor

    Ty law too

P Pumpkin

Now that we have two Edelman’s the receiver problem is solved.

    Sean Patrick Kennedy

    Two Bledsoe’s with rocket arms ain’t too bad neither! Dude could throw fir distance like Brett Favre!

    75-80yds no problem!

James Greenier

Clickbait haha. Nothing but smiles. Great bunch of guys.

Brent Barker

Nice to see

Charly Gr. v.L.

Touchdown-points for the FAMILY…

Global Man

Fantastic!!! Great to see young lads keen on football.

Candyce Chrys

I love the Patriots, but #BoycottDivestSanction

    Candyce Chrys

    @Rebecca Morgan of course I would say that about other people visiting the county. And there may be worse counties, but few that get away with it the way Israel does

    Susan Walters

    Well said Candyce, the supporters of Israel ALWAYS use the false anti semitic card because they don’t have a leg to stand on when defending an illegal state, an apartheid state,a criminal state…… the supporters of Israel conflate religion with a political movement…. it absolutely disgusts me when i read how Israel is defended by the indefensible.

    Susan Walters

    AND when other countries commit genocide or murderous rampages, they’re given a free pass because those countries committing those crimes are compliant with the ruling elite,they’re compliant with the western imperialists.

    Candyce Chrys

    @Susan Walters I’m dyslexic and read your last comment wrong twice. Sorry. 👍

    Basic Attacker

    Candyce Chrys is an anti Semite

Billie-Joe Hernandez

Could you imagine having TY LAW # 24, DARRELLE REVIS #24 and STEPHON GILMORE #24 all playing for the pats at the same time??

    Michael Murphy

    That would be fun to watch.

butter knife 21

Theyll be back next summer too when they win ring # 7 😁😆

Sean Patrick Kennedy

Man I would love to see Drew Bledsoe zip a 75-yard touchdown pass on a dime to Julian Edelman!

Nobody ever had a cannon like the Patriot missile! #DB11 #JE11

    D&K RECK

    Got that right

Ezekiell Phillips

Just wondering how did it feel for those true Hebrews that went to their true homeland

    Susan Walters

    Did you know that “the holy land” was considered in many other locations apart from Palestine when the atheists asked for land from the British empire under the Balfour declaration? Thus making the land without people for a people without land a falsehood…. If you ain’t aware of that fact, how does it make you feel? Just asking

Sadie Mears

Is that Tennessee

Norwall Music

Good good good stuff homie!

Sean Mulholland


    Michael Murphy

    Need a tissue?


wilfork make everything better

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