Total Packers with Matt LaFleur: Corey Linsley – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Damean Wards Reply

Solid content so far this season

Comrade Trump Reply

Oh Larry. Talking about Pettine but really thinking about the Smith brothers.
Mike Smith

    Aaron Terry Reply

    Comrade Trump true lol, funny how he didn’t correct him, shows how polite he is. He knows what he meant

    Eric Smith Reply

    Montrqvoois Adams from auburn i wanna see

Aaron Terry Reply

More content like this and this channel will explode

    Eric Smith Reply

    War eagle and yes

Eric S Reply

War eagle

brandon butler Reply

Why does Packers media ask the players every week our secrets and plays

Mike Hoshall Reply

The Eagles will be desperate, they loose this game and they are in big trouble and they know it. The offense has got to continue to pick it up and if the defense continues, well, sorry Eagles. Your going to be in real big trouble after loosing to the Packers.

David Tristan Reply

Sad knowing jordy came back to retire as a packer i’m happy for my boy though. I hope he stays in shape just in case they wanna bring him back, bc he’s still one of the premiere wideouts in the league without a shout of a doubt. Even if you’re not a packers fan you can say the same thing about him too!!

    SharkCityRich Reply

    David Tristan damn straight! Well said fellow Packers faithful! 👊🏽🤙🏽😎

    David Tristan Reply

    @SharkCityRich clay is missed deeply as well

    Douglas Street Reply

    Don’t be surprised if he shows up near the end of the regular season.

    David Tristan Reply

    @Douglas Street we can only hope at this point in his carreer

Anubis Incarnate Reply

Why do they keep calling them the smith brothers?

Chuck Norris Reply

0:25 dude looks like he has just been abducted.

Mijae Allen Reply

I’m just gone say look at Matt socks 😂 go pack go

Sarah Pfarr Reply

Go 💛pack 🏈 go 💚

Mister Hipster Reply

Please get a freeking running game, PLEASE.


For the eagles player who injured our RB, I suggest packers should file papers to have the League Fine that player. James Harrison got finned and did not escape the fine, it Should be no different. I Suggest a No Tolerance Policie for the League for Automatic Ejections and a Police escourt off the feild and a Huge Fine. The injured player should take the other players pay check for there medical bills. Saints was cheated now Packers. Rest Assured Packers will win the SB no matter the team. Teams like eagles are pompus and arrogant, do not deserve to ever be at any sb. As Packers fans will will be bringing it in playoffs and sb no matter what the haters say. The Bounty Gate 2.0 would not have been alowed if it was any other low caliber team.


We were cheated guys on our home feild. Credit to packers for playing fair. They tried to hurt our player Mafia style like brees got hurt, But FAILED! im proud of my Packers for not being cheaters theres more respect by us fans.


I think before a game starts the team should agree they will not use head hits as tackles. Like in ufc they explain the ruels before the fight. This why nfl players dont last in the league. Remember you influence high school and college players by not inforcing the policies for head injuries.


I suggest the Packers should seriously file papers by the League to Fine the eagles head coach and player. I suggest that the league fine the ref who allowed the eagles player to be in the game and gave the eagles a td, Allowed bad calls in the game. Folks this is as mafia as it gets. The League fined Tom brady four games. Why should eagles not be Fined for dirty shots on certain packers players? Theres no honor in eagles win. eagles win was in vien. if they do this again to anyother teams the same way I suggest that you take my advice if you want to not have your team injured in advance. Thank you packers, you are the best. Get back on your horse and focus on the next team. Tomorrow it doesn’t matter what football media says they are in great, great, great supurb denial. As fans of packers we will not hear non of this hatryied, win next game and nothing eles matters. Focus on packers. I Prey for our player that got hurt recover fast and Go Pac Go.


Look at all the face masking eagles did during the game, thats proof of how they were told to play by there head coach. Should be investigated by the league.

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