Total Packers with Matt LaFleur: Adrian Amos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Comrade Trump Reply


Tom Coles Reply

Love his use of “yeah, no”

    jasvinder91 Reply

    Tom Coles lol yeah it’s in like every interview ahaha

Timothy Kenyon Reply

AA for Awesome Amos

Tony’s Garage Reply

I gotta ask. What happened to the finger?

    JM T3 Reply

    It’s from his playing days. He loves showing it off but it scares the children

Tiago Henrique Reply

Great content guys! Keep up the good work! #gopackgo

Dude Abides Reply

How bout a desk?

Golf So Hard Hawaii Reply

How come it’s not called the Matt Lafleur show?

TOXSYC tv Reply

Damn Amos is a world classy guy really stand up

Tommy Schemes Reply

Total Fudge Packers

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