Top Sounds from Daniel Jones’ INCREDIBLE First Start, “You have to believe!” | Giants vs. Bucs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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John Mendelsohn Reply

Danny dimes era is here let’s go big blue

    jake campbell Reply

    Ashor-IE _ that’s wrong, he wasn’t gonna make it to the 17th pick

    Benjamin Sztankovics Reply

    Go DJ! That’s my DJ!

    Jim Carroll Reply

    Danny dimes ftw

Kushendra Ramrup Reply


Ray Sanchez Reply

Go DJ! That’s my DJ!

    FBI duty Reply

    @Alex Anderson I’m just putting a clear example. Calibrating like they won a superbowl.

    ICED Reply

    @FBI duty any team celebrates like that if they were down 18 and came back to win their first game of the season with their rookie qb making his first start.

    Joseph Andrade Reply

    @Fbi duty… You must be a 🐄 Girl

    Raff Lehsinski Reply

    @FBI duty you a fucking dummy guy

Taylor Walsh Reply

So happy to have Sterling Shepard back! Is this what hope feels like?

    Dismas niyokumfasha Reply

    Taylor Walsh you sir are correct

    King Clip Reply

    Bro we don’t even have Tate yet I’m finna cry omfg😂😩

    The Michael Reply

    Yes Sheppard told His Mates to Believe and then Went out and Played like He Did

C ENYG Reply

This game was so amazing. Like one of those play offs everything on the line type of games… this why I love the sport


    C ENYG Absolutely

Connor Kenway Reply

DJ has a VIP pass to the cookout😂

    Jeremy Borrero Reply

    Facts; he get first dibs on the ribs too

    Shiela Ingram Reply

    Connor Kenway and a plate to take home

    Yenice Reply


    LROD NYC Reply


Charles Amofordjuoh Reply

Love the fact they singing Go DJ by Weezy

Ceaser4L Reply

Sterling and Evan are already becoming leaders . Our team is going places 🤩🤩

    PipeGuy64Bit Reply

    Maybe not this year but this team is finally going on the uphill after 2 long years of nothing.

    Jason Cortes Reply

    Not with there defense

    Ceaser4L Reply

    Jason Cortes Just had to be negative huh. Our defense is young . Mistakes are made . We won

    Christopher peralta Reply

    Lol yall are happy over a win that yall got lucky over??

mattlock256 Reply

@6:31 the team is so hyped on that rushing touchdown. BJ Hill is like “YO QUIT HITTING HIM IN THE HEAD!” haha

    Lorenzo Love Reply

    I think he said quit hitting this man but either way I love it lol

    Laggy Reply

    What did Saquon say 😂


Just feel like positive energy offense and defense let’s go Blue never will forget you Eli

    luis coronel Reply

    I only started watching football because of work 4 years ago and that was the team I choose. I never watched football before then never cared for it… used to work at a hotel bar and I live in California lol

    George Daugherty Reply

    Jump Speed, proven yourself a piece of human trash then. Yes he hasn’t been great, but you should still be appreciative of what he’s done for the franchise. If you have nothing nice to say, then shut your mouth.

    JumpSpeed Reply

    @George Daugherty Now you’re gonna help Eli clean those toilets at MetLife stadium. I want you two turds working side by side. I want those toilets so sanitary and squared-away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in there and take a dump. Go on now.

    NorthernCalifornia530 Reply

    @JumpSpeed Don’t put your hatred on us because that’s what you do for a living and you are the perfect example of a fake fan. Eli has struggled because of the owner and GM. They have had trash OL’s for how long now? Trash defenses for how long now? You think it all comes down to one player. It’s a team sport. Everybody is held accountable.

    JumpSpeed Reply

    @NorthernCalifornia530 who’s “us” what do you have a mouse in your pocket. With a scrub brush and a bottle of bleach you will dominate those toilets. Eli has struggled cause he’s a terrible quarterback.

Ryan Schatzberg Reply

Look at Saquon being the first person there to congratulate Daniel Jones. So awesome.

    Ed Wuncler III Reply

    They’re gonna be the best QB/RB duo throughout the 2020’s! The future is bright!

    Robert da Rosa Reply

    Ed Wuncler III yep.
    Unfortunately we’ll have to wait 4-8 weeks to see this

Young Entrepreneurs Enterprise Reply

Sick first start. Wait until golden Tate gets back !!!

    Alvin Alers Reply

    Our WR corps is amazing

    FarmacyPhlaverd Reply

    I stashed Tate on my fantasy team 😉

    Georgiy Abramyan Reply

    FarmacyPhlaverd same

Peter Reply

Love that Eli fist bump 👊 @ 1:43

FInalage2012 Reply

Dallas and Philly fans not liking this video. Go GMen!! Danny Jones is in the House!!!

Panayiotis Nicolas Reply

Seeing Eli in the back cheering on his teammate makes me tear up a bit. Put so many years of effort for this team and now watches his teammate take his job with a smile on his face. True class act. We love you Eli!

    Colton Tipton Reply

    GTC Pohorex someone that should have been benched years ago. Been in the league 10+ years. One of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. If you knew you were at the end of your career, making a fortune. You wouldn’t mind. This isn’t out of the ordinary lol

    It happened to Tony Romo not too long ago. Eli knows his time is up. That’s the difference. If Eli was in his prime you know he wouldn’t be okay with it.

    GTC Pohorex Reply

    Colton Tipton Peyton was never okay with it, which is why one would expect Eli not to be. And Eli isn’t as bad as people think, he can definitely play when he wants to, and is a smart player. He just doesn’t have the arm strength anymore.

    Colton Tipton Reply

    GTC Pohorex Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are like polar opposites socially why would anyone expect them to act the same? Lol

    And Peyton was replaced by the colts while he was still young enough to do something. His was injury related. Not skill related. More like a Tony Romo-Dak Prescott situation where Tony Romo helped coach from side line. Exactly what Eli’s doing only Eli can’t perform.

    I don’t dislike Eli. It’s just his time to go and he knows it. He should be happy, he had a good career and now he gets paid a lot to sit the bench

    GTC Pohorex Reply

    Colton Tipton that’s the thing, I think he is also happy because he is a giant, and he is happy the team is going into good hands. You are right about him being happy to sit the bench though.

    McAuley 23 Reply

    @Colton Tipton yeah except Romo was never close to eli’s career

where u wanna be Reply

Kid got the locker room already. It’s his team.

    Wesley Tidwell Reply

    It sure is!!!!!

justsay GLEN Reply

This was like a home game for the giants..DJ played good but shout out to Ryan Connelly the other rookie on the other side of the ball.

Blair Haulston Reply

Can’t help but look at Eli in the background. Eli Manning Giants Legend 👍🏾

    JumpSpeed Reply

    I’m so glad I never have to see Eli ruin another Giants game again. Good riddance.

    Bflo23 Reply

    @JumpSpeed Because 2 championships are so easy to do? 2007- Giants had 17th ranked defense and 2011- Giants had 25th ranked defense.

Christy Staude Reply

damn man, as a die hard eagles fan… that even felt good to me.

trey saville Reply

this kid could be something speacial. reminds me of the Eli Manning of old

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