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blacksnakemagic Reply

Let the games begin!!!

Gmoney Anthony Reply

Trenton cannon fast asf

    clash man Reply

    Yup, now we ALL know why Gase wanted him to stay over McGuire, besides the fact that he plays special teams for us. There are some great packages that Gase can use him vs them linebackers All day, Every day, with that highlight road runner speed & spread them out far & wide!

Mike Green Reply


bwhunt21 Reply

J – E – T – S Jets! Jets! Jets!

Zachary Berner Reply

Don’t show us Chris Hendon Highlights he will not play until week 6

    Gardenhoes Reply

    He’s only missing 4 games

    Nigward Reply

    Week 5*

    Hella Trix Reply

    He but its only logical to give him reps, hes the TE1

- #00 Reply

Darnold looking good here. Hopefully we win week 1 or else we are screwed

Jonny Goodrich Reply

Hernz has excellent hands and vision he catches everything

Harry W Smith Reply

My team. Go Jets.

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