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Kevin Pawl

Why does football make me so happy?

Joey Cramer

Random stuff like this makes me happy

    jay fairman

    All facts

Pizza Pizza

The 2010s was just patriots

    R B Ashraf

    @David Tristan Every year you guys say that. But we are still winning and your team probably still suck.

    Bernard Johnson

    @R B Ashraf ha bandwagon

    Wesley Fehrle

    laitis vi you and I both know that ordeal was straight bullshit and

    Casey Callahan

    laitis vi do a little bit more research on how bullshit deflate gate was then come back to me and tell me it wasn’t a witch hunt

Diego Gipson

Wow Steelers go from worst to best. It’s that 1974 draft and chuck noll

Ka Kjj

Don’t watch this video if you are a Seahawks or falcons fan

    A Fucking Bird

    Yea. Thanks for reminding me after I saw “the play”.

    A Fucking Bird

    @Hector Rodriguez True. We’re going all the way this year. GoHawks!

    Chris Mumpower

    Ka Kjj Well at least the beginning of it, anyway…


    Dammit didn’t listen and destroyed my computer.

    This is a new one.




0:24 that will change in 2020’s

    jay fairman

    I doubt it 🤷🏾‍♂️

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

You gotta wonder how history would change if the Seahawks would’ve ran the ball 🤔

    Jared Masten

    It wouldn’t, because literally everyone in that stadium knew they were going to run that ball. Throwing a pass was the right call, because it was unexpected. Looking at the play, the receiver was pretty close to catching it.

    David Tristan

    @Jared Masten even though i told him to move on. It really wasn’t bc why go away from marshawn who was running it down their throats the entire game?


    and Atlanta. They would’ve run out the clock and Brady would’ve had 4 SBs instead of 6.


    @Jared Masten But it was ONLY 2nd down.You have 3 chances to get 1 yard. All they needed was a dive into the endzone.

    4TH 19TH

    @David Tristan No one can.

Casey Callahan

Ok so basically just the patriots dominating the last two decades


    Ok so basically it was obvious if you paid any attention

    Casey Callahan

    Damn 🤡

Topaz Flame

This video is spectacular. The older footage especially I’ve never seen before.

Faze Craig Paul

The Steelers were the worst team in the 60’s and then become the best team in the 70’s


Julian Shipp Jr

It’s weird going from HD to black and white


The 40 points scored by Ernie Nevers against the Bears in 1929 is the oldest record in the NFL Record Book.

Pat Willin Jr

1990s defendsive player should have been reggie white smh

    Jenya Kostak

    Pat Willin Jr White or Bruce. But really Deion was the best in 90s. Bruce and Reggie played in a half of 80s and that divided their legacy into two decades

    Noah Schein

    Yo I was thinking the same thing

    Pat Willin Jr

    @Jenya Kostak ok i could say the same thing for deon he played half of the 2000s and that divided his legacy into 2 decades

    Jenya Kostak

    Pat Willin Jr one 2004 season?


    Deion was a ‘bad’ man

Zach P

So you’re telling me there was a player to score 4TDs and pull in 4 picks IN ONE GAME?! Sammy Baugh is a legend

    Saintsfan 97

    He lead the league in passing yards, interceptions, and punting all in one season

    Sam Andrekus

    That’s what I was thinking. I know it’s not really possible anymore, but I would love to see someone play both sides of the ball today.


The start of this video is a patriots montage

    my boy phoenix

    As it should be

Evan Bak

11:34 guy trucked his own teammate

    devin johnson

    That is John Mackey, my friend, John Mackey! Back when the colts were in their rightful home and winning!

That other Boi

man ray lewis really murdered those guys damn😂

    Hector Rodriguez

    And Ray Lewis is going to be a Killer on The Dance floor on Dancing With The Stars

SteelersGoingFor 7

The helmet catch was better than Harrison’s 99 yard pick 6? Or the td to win it to Holmes?…

    Neon Frags


    Kyle Redding

    Yes. Much more improbable and with higher stakes

Square Crafts

was planning on rooting for the chiefs this season, but i love an underdog, and might have to root for the triangles.

Michael Tabor

Best game of the 1980s is the drive hands down!

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