Top Moments from the Bucs Victory Over the Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Meme Time

Hi, this game was a great win

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

My confidence before the game : 0

My confidence after the game : 1000


    Same here

Richard Ndedi

Lets go buccaneers

Ian Burke

Thanks bucs. I needed this

Edward Kirby

Awesome video


We shifted the momentum for our season.


Go bucs!

Eric bp

Stack the W’s

    Roel Vega

    eat the W’s

Joseluis Huerta

🔥🔥🔥 video and Song!

Aj Armas

Let’s gooooooo!

Lupo Casanova

Great Job Media Team!

Melo Matias

Can we please get new uniforms though? Great win

    Pepe LaPierre

    U not a fan if u don’t like the uniform

    Tampa is back 5904

    Pepe LaPierre i honestly prefer the older ones with a new twist or some brand new ones I don’t like these , I’ll like the color rush ones but we always lose in them

Gavin Dempster

🔥 Video…maybe next time keep the score in the top corner as the game progresses.

Naji Harris

I think people overreacted week 1. I mean it was one game. I still believe in this team, i believe in Jameis. I didn’t lose my faith. I trust this staff.

    David Benway

    I trust everyone besides the o-line and Jamies. But why on earth did we release Gerald McCoy I mean, I just don’t get it.

    Golden Ages

    Did you see the attitude our defense played with?
    THAT’S why they released Mr. Softy

    Naji Harris

    @David Benway the online is okay. Not great, but there are other oline worse than us. I think Jameis will be fine. This is a new staff, and new system. This offensive scheme is very complex. Even Carson Palmer said it takes about 6 to 8 weeks into the season to be comfortable with it. Gerald McCoy just wasn’t what the coaches wanted. The defense has been playing fine without him.

Shea Mac

y’all snapped with this one


Keep sleeping on us. WE BACK BABY! GANG GANG

Go Bucks

Shaq attack!

After Asteroid Survivor

I hope we don’t go out next week and lay a egg 🥚 Even after our win, the national media just covered the Panthers and Newton. We need to punch them in the mouth and take their phone 📱 like bullies. We are pirates 💀

Golden Ages

Back on track
Stay tough
Gmen next

Austin Brown

The second best part of winning is all the content the team puts out when we win.

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