Top Forced Fumbles & INTs from Week 4 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
J Stiles

Detroit had KC and blew it like damn you lions

Michael Shan

5 fumbles in the THIRD QUARTER of the Lions Chiefs game.

That’s gotta be some kind of record.



    Antonio Harrison

    Last time that happened was in 1991

    American Sports Fan

    Antonio Harrison

    That was the last time the Lions won a playoff game if i remember correctly. Its their only playoff win in the superbowl era

    Michael Shan

    Antonio Harrison The difference is that every single fumble in that quarter resulted in a turnover.

J Stiles

The greatest fumbles of this week was moments ago by Zeke and Whitten,Go NOLA


Cmon bruh the Eagles strip sack on Rodgers was the turning point of that game. Eagles just got a 1 point lead and capitalize off of that with another td. Packers playing from behind from then on out. Not many get to Rodgers at all. Eagles did once and at the right time.


    LucyWonderland plus the tipped pick at the end of the game too


    They forgot Thursday happened

    Eric Guerrero

    Actually alottt of people get to Aaron Rodgers 😂he’s always being sacked alottt the past decade


    @Eric Guerrero Rodgers is good at escaping or throwing the ball away. Be doesn’t like to take sacks.

Hernandez Garcia

I wished OAK played every week like they did today

    Robbie Morse



why not just replace “top” with “all” in the title?

    Marco Muralles

    Killa i was just about to say this

    Unlisted Account

    Two fumbles in the Chiefs-Lions game weren’t in there


    @Unlisted Account then again, why dont they just add the 4 they missed to an already 10 minute long video of takeaways?

    Unlisted Account

    Killa agreed


    True, to a point. One game still remains.


6:08 it wasnt even ruled as a interception. why is this here?


I love how this is the official NFL channel and yet they still put Patrick Chung’s pick even though it was ruled incomplete lol

    Liam Donovan

    Thats litterly put down in the coments


Patriots Bills looked like a great defensive game.

    Music King

    It was a fun game too watch


Damn, dhop has an INT now 😔

Cardinals4life BirdGang

Patroits defense looks scary

Zachary Morris

Gotta love the diving effort there… Also hilarious. 8:52

Philly-_- Boi

What about Aaron Rodgers INT in the endzone against the Eagles? That won us the game


    Philly-_- Boi maybe because it looked like defensive PI that wasnt called?..

    Katie Caddle

    @razgriz821 its not if its on the 1 yard line lol learn football


    @Katie Caddle what?



Super Tommy

This whole week was in arcade mode

Joseph Rodriguez

I love Kevin Harlem’s commentary, it cracks me up. He would make a good, or bad Resident Evil funny in my opinion.

Evan Samano

Really, you had the video of the cowboys fumbling but not with the pick they had?

Sam Home

I notice the NFL didnt highlight there own fumble of the Golladay touchdown in Detroit!


Gotta love how Mack goes for the ball EVERY TIME. That’s why he’s the best.


4:30 lol first time that’s happened since like the year 2000

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