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Your Average Strategy Gamer

Week 1 of the 2019 NFL Season has been interesting..

    Shola Bolaji

    Sure has


    Ravens really slamming those dolphins by margins even a bad team couldn’t lose by.


    Your Average Strategy Gamer same with wentz imma look forward to a good game week 7, it’s always good to face a good Eagles team

    Milli Macro

    Jags had a bye week, automatic L

    Rintaro Luis

    Fly Eagles Fly Dooooog

Jackson Harkey

We’res the coop touchdown?

    Brandon Taber

    They don’t want to show how great of a game dak and they boys had

Webster Kollie

This is the amount of people, going to bed with the W’s from their teams…

    Jason Mclongson

    Not yet, but we sure played well yesterday

    Joshisone MD


    Nightmare Kilo

    @Jh0001471 bruh u mad? Stay hating on the Ravens

    JC _


    Tenno Tube2



Week 1 ain’t over yet..

    Moneyman Not mike

    SilkyGames they mean Sunday that’s when most games are

Ka Kjj

Week 1 isn’t even over 😂😂💀

    Carlos Henrique Freitas

    It’s really top catches from Sunday. Graham’s TD catch on Thursday was better than most of this (it should have been intercepted)

    Runs with Bulls

    They know we can’t wait lol

Darth Ryu_ZX6

So the RB can throw the ball. Raven Pride

    Darth Ryu_ZX6

    Looking forward to that KC game, Will be a real test of the team. My LJ jersey arrives today even more excited

    Darth Ryu_ZX6

    @Malcolm Green Definitely gonna be amazing

    Malcolm Green

    Darth Ryu_ZX6 mannnn I honestly look forward to every game this team is so exciting, Cards game next week should be fun. but I’d be lying if I said that Chiefs game isn’t what we’re all looking forward to, that will def be a huge test for our team.


    Malcolm Green if you look at his training camp footage when he got drafted vs how he’s looking now the progress is incredible
    I love how explosive our offense looks this year


    Now lamar did really great but it was against the dolphins so it wasn’t the hardest matchup but hopefully he keeps this up


There were alot of chokes today. Redskins were up 17 – 0 and lost vs. Eagles…. Jets were up 16 – 0 and lost vs. Bills…. The Lions were up 24 – 6 and tied vs. Cardinals.

    PALi friendly

    @Nugget you are clueless nugget it is a tie. and horrible ref officiating they were grabbing Kenny G’s jersey in the redzone and even with a review cam they couldn’t get the right call. FIRE THE REFS!!!


    PALi friendly it’s still a choke

    PALi friendly

    @Nugget you only choke when you lose. your logic does not matter next you will tell me the dolphins did good. XD

    PALi friendly

    common sense to choke you must lose.

Big Bear

More like top throws of week 1 😂

    Lion’s Den

    Can’t have a catch without a throw.

    Ye Bre

    Lion’s Den thank you captain obvious. If you were attentive at all you would have seen that more than half of these plays resulted in easy over the shoulder catches, yet are still considered “top catches”

    Ye Bre

    Which is what was being referred to in the original comment lmao but good try at a rebuttal

    Lion’s Den

    Ye Bre How about this captain a bit less than obvious; you can have a throw without a catch, but not a catch without a throw. One implies both, and the other does not. Its not a rebuttal. It’s a basic fact of logic.


My man TY getting snubbed again! That fallback tackle evasion TD was a work of beauty!


    TY always gets snubbed he’s a top 5 receiver in my book he’s so underated it’s annoying

The Dragonsnort Channel

A lot of long balls to kick off the season. Dang, there’s gonna be a lot of pass-happy highlights 😮😮😮😮😮

Exterminator 20th

The saints haven’t even played the Texans yet and the broncos haven’t played the raiders yet and nfl is already making a highlight video….smh


Probably should rename this video from Top Catches to Top Plays.

Todd P

Patrick “The Prophet” Mahomes be droppin’ dimes like it’s a 1980s phone booth.

    Liam Conroy

    Droppin’ a dime is a reference to snitching .

    Todd P

    Liam Conroy DROPPIN’ DIMES is a reference to throwing a nice ball.


    @Todd P the original saying comes from snitching. It was prison code for snitching. It someone was told not to “drop a dime” it meant to not snitch on someone.

    Todd P

    xXShadowXx I didn’t post “drop a dime.”

bagged Q45


    Legendary Duke


    _speed demon_03

    I wouldn’t sleep on L Jack since I knew he would become a passer now lol, he developed real quick.

Larry `

So no one is gonna talk about how Lamar Jackson made that 45 yard pass look so effortless


    Atrots5 he’s probably a Browns or Steelers fan lol

    gen benitz

    Shii i can do that😠 but it probably wouldn’t look effortless Lol.😏mmmm

    Just F*cking Send it

    Poor form, dropped his arm too deep into his back pocket, not impressive at all … he’s still raw AF as a passer.

    Maleek Skipper

    Just F*cking Send it can be poor form or whatever you want to call it but it was a 83 yard TD 🤷🏾‍♂️ so does that necessarily matter if it worked out fine?


    See what I’m sayin lmao Now it’s not “he can’t pass”
    It’s “his form is broken”
    Just keep the excuses coming 🤷🏿‍♂️😂


Larry (Legend) Fitzgerald is a Man among boys. he needs a ring


    He’ll get one: a Hall of Fame ring 😊


    Sorry, we’re full up on receivers now, we’re gonna have to cut someone when AB reports as it is

    Lion’s Den

    It’s crazy how Fitz out of his prime is better than younger guys on their best day.

    Jayden Kurtz

    Thanks for being happy for my favorite player and the cards are my fav team

    Tyler Keightley

    Unfortunately he won’t get one if he stays with Arizona

Ben Dunlap

Malik Hooker’s one-handed INT ??

    D 3


    Frédéric Plourde

    Best catch of the week.

Legendary Duke



Sorry….but where was Terry McLaurin’s 70 yard TD catch? (Redskins v Eagles game).


Fitzgerald still got it….not a fan of the Cards but that guy is such a great guy.

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