Top 25 Plays from September | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Could You Spare Some Coochie?

Nick Chubbs helmet always looks to big for him

    Aaron Rodgers

    Mam Could You Spare Some Coochie? Chubb is actually chubby

    Jackson Daniel

    Aaron Rodgers hell no

Andrew Kyle

This nfl season has started off more crazy then I have ever imagined

    Call Me J. R.

    Andrew Kyle not really just seem like a reg good season. Thats how i like it, nothin to crazy. Beside the patriots dominated with a qb thats technique old

    Pi Chives

    Call Me J. R. What are you talking about have you been watching football all the injuries old quarterbacks getting replaced and it’s really the patriots defense carrying Tom Brady isn’t having that good of a year yet

    D nice !!!!!

    @Call Me J. R. ,,,,,BS they are coming out ready to play,,,,2:35 get off him LMAO Beast mode…. The Patriots are stacked and Brady been killing it

    D nice !!!!!

    @Call Me J. R. ,,, Not like dude said but they are coming out ready to play except a few teams tho LoL

Anthony Lopez de Santa Anna II

I’m still so sad about the rams losing to the bucs…

    Owen Raefield

    Suck it

    – Seahawks fan

    Evan Mitsakis



    I don’t
    -Niners fan


    i dont think anyone else is besides rams “fans”


    Gl on thursday man. Hope it’s a good game between us rivals.

Fingering Things

Top 25 should be Kirk Cousins during garbage time or against bad teams

    smile F.E

    I see you on like all the nfl videos… what’s ur favorite team?


1:46 is it just me or did somebody fart

use headphones


    nah it was the score board sound

    Meme Miester

    or just the background music


    Sounds like fireworks lol

Coldbeef Bryant

25 should’ve been higher

    Kaden 0_0

    Coldbeef Bryant no it’s a field goal

Jesse Grajeda

But when these plays happen in madden y’all quit !!!!


    Why not quit madden

    Matthew Williams

    Trust me if these plays happened in madden I’m 100% quitting.

tate anderson

The fact that they uploaded this before the Bengals Steelers game ended is hilarious. NFL is like “no way there will be an incredible play in the last 5 minutes of THIS game”


    Jm Ellar ah that makes sense now lol

    tate anderson

    @Jm Ellar Lmao no it was still September here in the states.

    Jm Ellar

    @tate anderson my bad 😂 but yeah, it was October 1 here when the game aired

    tate anderson

    @Jm Ellar gotcha, that makes sense now

    Julio Demb

    I lived in china but I could never get the games because I happened to have school at 8:30 in the morning . I legit missed superbowl 52 when my team was in it 🤯

LunaSYB *

Lol no kyle allen escaping jj watt or anything from Christian mccaffery

    LunaSYB *

    @Jimmyeatzpizza 13 but nfl is bias

    Jimmyeatzpizza 13

    LunaSYB * ikr 🙄 CMC had that 76 yard touchdown that I was waiting for the whole vid yet it wasn’t on there 🤦‍♂️

    Saif Khan

    Jimmyeatzpizza 13 Instead they put in a 10 yard Daniel Jones run in place of that….

    Jimmyeatzpizza 13

    Saif Khan 🤦‍♂️

    Vonte Ross

    CMC’s catch in week 4 should be here.


58 yard FG as time expires for the win? Should’ve been top 10, kickers get no love

Kabrom Zeru

Where’s JC Jackson’s sideline interception?

Elvis Presley

Wow no top plays for the Panthers smh, we should at least have one.

Aaron Rodgers

Why did we get rid of a Breeland? Smh 🤦‍♂️

    James Joseph

    He’s been really good thus far. Good coverage, 1 INT, and 2 fumble recoveries.

    Aaron Rodgers

    James Joseph Yup, really underrated. He used to be a bigger name.

    Cameron Haroldsen

    @Aaron Rodgers anyone can recover a fumble, he didn’t play well his last years in greenbay, not great coverage missign tackles, thats why we dropped him

Senor Sausy Boy

Y’all forgot the 49ers

    Garrett Starr

    Senor Sausy Boy fb diving catch plus he also tossed Fitzpatrick

Steven Tran

Carson wentz throw with Vic Beasley almost sacking him should be in this top 25

Hernandez Garcia

#14 should of been top 5. You don’t see plays like this anymore wr trucking defenders

Hayden Briggs

Not gonna show that Donte Jackson interception where my man got about 6 feet in the in the air???

My 1Reason

Where are the Panthers?? They had 4 different top 10 plays in September..


The Buccaneers stopping McCaffrey in the final play sounds be on this.

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