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🏈🏈🏈Best game of week saints Texans and My Vikings woo🏈🏈🏈 and Derek Carr is back doing great tonight

    Aww man gaming

    MNBEAST but those chargers tho

    Gamer Guy

    MNBEAST yea in a Texans fan and I’m excited for the year we are gonna be a afc contender for sure

    Tate Newman

    MNBEAST vikings fan too but I dont agree with carr he trash


Ngl this was an amazing Week 1

    John Dean

    @DarthRaider the Falcons always do miserable in their first game then light it up the rest of the season then disappoints in the off-season.

    Von Grimes

    @FreelanceXD the Texans too lmfao

    Anthony Rodriguez

    @Beama And Miami.

    Tenno Tube2

    I love football. Skol

    Highlight Central

    No it sucked. Messy games everywhere


The quality hella bad for this video 😂


    360p Wtf

    Drew Oberg

    Theslimmer1234 all youtube videos are like that the first few hours they’re up

    Zaki Mahida

    @Drew Oberg still 360p after 9hour lol

Shawn Christianson

Sammy Watkins a beast when healthy.

    Fabian T

    A Moose What makes you think Mahomes is a Bad QB? You Trippin dawg

    A Moose

    @Keaden Wheeler that ain’t much

    Keaden Wheeler

    @A Moose what that do mean something u don’t know nothing about football go play your fornite

Chubby Cheddar

Where was ekelers huge catch and run

    Bob Leymar

    Right with Mack 63 yds untouched TD

    JBUZ D



Week 1 officially ended 7 minutes ago Damn you fast

    Jaune Arc

    Well since the last game was a snooze fest they only had to pull from the end of the Saints-Texans game for this video.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Salt-Shaker

    NFL in competition with Highlight Heaven for fastest highlight channel lol

Brennan Jacobson

Wasnt even fitz’s best catch of the day.

    Benjamin Schwartz


Mike Carroll

Wow. That Vernon Davis play was insane


    Really bad tackling but he still got it!


Lol neither of John Ross’ TDs on here… classic NFL not giving the Bengals any credit

    Horror Gaming

    @Maximilian Miller and a 7 yard touchdown run with no broken tackles


    Flux disrespectful af. I just dont get it

    Horror Gaming

    @Harambe me neither it’s like they live hating on the Bengals

    Janath Fernando

    @Horror Gaming that 58 yard field goal won the game for us aha the disrespect


    Janath Fernando “tHe DiSrEsPeCt”

    Both of Ross’ TDs were better. Not to mention they were both better than Aaron Rodgers play as well. Same with Derrick Henry’s no broken tackle catch and run. SMH.

Kazi420 SB52

I’m not mad at #1 that was amazing

Cam Singleton

I feel like a lot of these DBs think they’re playing two-hand touch smh

    780 D

    They just tryna not give away penalties

    Chicken Cutlet

    Well they don’t want fines or penalties from the league for delivering a hit

    Renaldy Calixte

    @780 D Exactly thanks to Saints fans crying too loudly, DBs are going to be more soft this year.


    Renaldy Calixte yesh because a missed passers inference AND targeting call leading to a missed super bowl (and potential win) and fans being unhappy about it is why half the leagues DB’s are lazy and don’t finish tackles.

AK's Theory

Why Quality 360 what is this also how Christen McCaffrey not on here

    R T

    YouTube takes hours now to provide anything better even when you upload it in 720 otr 1080.


Nothing of dak made it? Wow

    MpG B


    MANSTER 54

    We want no glory in Game 1. Just be consistent and get ready for next week. So far every aspect of teh Cowboy team looks great. But it was first game and we do not know how good the G-Men are this year. I know VanWolfman has 8ft arms ! And Cobb just slapped that boy bad and abused him. Witten is still a monster. Lee played well at SLb and it looks great so far. The DLine looked very good, energized and strong. We played a base D all day upfront and won with 3-4 in the box. Our kicking game in both aspects was great, special teams as a whole. Dak’s field presence, awareness was as good as he has ever had. Dak was elite this game. Zeke is as he has been every time his feet hit the field in Dallas, dominant and the best athlete on the field. The Redskins were the ONLY team in the NFC BEast to not get swept by The Boys as they went 5-1 in the Div.. As Washington took an uprising attack in Dallas being the only loss.

    MpG B

    Smokin Jay Cutler probably an eagles fan

    Fabian T

    Of course a Cowgirl fan Would have said that

    MpG B

    Fabian T my bad Fagian

Alpha Swagga

Not only was New Orleans vs Houston the best game of Week 1, it may end up being one of the best all season. It was that good!


    Alpha Sports yeah agree what a great game as a Texans fan I was really hoping to get that win be saint out played us

    Renaldy Calixte

    Just once I’d like a more defensive game to be game of the year. Its like the Saints and Texans DBs decided to not embarass Watson and Brees because their stars.

    Levi Hanson

    Renaldy Calixte i thought the super bowl last year was beautifully played by both defenses, but people like a good offense. i know most of my friends preferred the 54-49 rams chiefs game last year (i don’t remember the actual score) but i like it when a defense shows up


ummm what about mark ingrams run @nfl


49ers/Bucs game had 3 pick sixes, but none made this video?


That’s high quality football with low quality video…

Daniel Hooker

360p max? damn you cheap Goodell

i actually had to check this was the ‘official’ version

Tim Himes

Hold on how was the bengals flee flicker/halftime deep ball to john Ross not get on this

Ripken Davis

How do you not have the Will Fuller catch

    Angel One


    Anthony DePaola

    That catch was incredible. Way better than the MVS one on here.

    HOUSTON 24/7

    D4’s rushing touchdown should of been on here too!

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