Top 15 Plays from Week 3 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Donovan Pollock Reply

Why is 15 not higher?? Lamar is cold

    Tw1 Reply

    Yeah #15 was better than #1

    Kenny Roc Reply

    Nasty! In the middle of getting sack he threw a bomb down field

    Drew M Reply

    Cause it was more luck than skill

chris_thegoat Reply

the stiff arm from Kyle juszczyk?

    Turhan Henderson Reply

    @Jaime Argudo stfu he must’ve stiff armed your favorite player.

    Rick James Reply

    I haven’t seen a stiff arm that nasty since that run by Marshawn Lynch against the Saints.

    ThanosButthole Reply

    Turhan Henderson I don’t think anyone’s favorite player is Artie burns

    Isaiah Speaks Reply

    @ThanosButthole it was minkah

tdagarim10 Reply

You guys move fast haha. #3 already.

Sucks he left with a concussion.

Marcos Melendez Reply

Where’s Lamar’s Jackson’s rushing TD?!?

    Drew M Reply

    They gave him the chuck and pray play.

Jack Messina Reply

donte Jackson’s 80ft pick????

    Black Mile High17 Reply


    Crowssant Reply

    Black Mile High17 lol

    Chris Dominguez Reply

StormingCobra55 Reply

Dawson Knox should’ve had #1. He knocked Jessie Bates into another time zone with that truck.

    rudiサイバーウォークマン Reply

    Also caught his first TD since 10th grade earlier in the game too.

A Samurai Brotha Reply

Donte Jackson’s Crazy INT?

K9ine _ Reply

Julio had a td over two defenders the Julio disrespect has to stop gonna be the goat someday

    Jammar Flipricorn Reply

    K9ine _ Hopkins is better,and that’s a fact

Just Another Random Channel Reply

“McCaffrey can’t run between the tackles”
“McCaffrey is too small to be a 20-25 carry per game back”
Also, Donte Jackson got snubbed. His interception was incredible. Offense is cool and all but show some more love to the defensive players…

    Jamaal Noland Reply


    The Watcher Reply

    Dude jumped a like Space Jam dunk lol!!



    Caleb Reasons Reply

    It wasn’t a skill play AT ALL! It was pure and undefiled LUCK!

MercinLikeABoss Reply

How is the easiest run from a QB ever for a TD #1 over one of the best catches so far of the year at #3

    bruce lau Reply

    Colin Epps of course self explanatory

    KingZo914 Reply

    That was a legendary moment for a rookie QB making his first start. You’re not gonna remember that catch after this season.

    Dunwoody Reply

    KingZo914 I bet I won’t remember a 10 yard jog in to the end zone by a quarterback tomorrow

    KingZo914 Reply

    @Dunwoody probably not cuz you’re a hater. You’ll see it on tv for a long time tho. Legendary moment no matter how much you hate to see it lol

    IzaacEwing Reply

    And he SHATTERED the Giants records for first start as a QB

Jonathan Lastname Reply

That tight end mushing the secondary is #1 for me

shaq hall Reply

1:29 when u hold the stiff arm button in madden

SW Productions Reply

Julio mossed over 2 guys for a touchdown catch and of course you guys don’t put that in there

    Jammar Flipricorn Reply

    SW Productions you guys had a mediocre play against the eagles,that was a 2 yard screen,and you got 1#.STFU

    ok obama Reply

    Gordon did better

TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply

Knox was disrespectful to that tired bengals defense 💪💪 🐃 LETS GO BUFFALO #BILLSMAFIA

Tyson Revolorio Reply

No Jeff Heath Allen hurns hit? Also why is Daniel Jones number one he just walked into the end zone.

Mike Aquino Reply

Tbh if Matt Gay made that kick, #1 wouldn’t even be on this list.

    CodeName PizzaJr Reply

    Mike Aquino but he didn’t so it is. Get over it

Tw1 Reply

Watson is crazy. My dad was a texans fan and tired of all the poor QB play, he passed away a couple months before his rookie season, how I wished he could’ve seen him

Jim McCann Reply

I guess you guys missed the play where Matthew Slater somehow, at full sprint, picked a punt out of mid air and downed it gently at the 1/2 yard line.

Angel Cadena Reply

#1 is a simple touchdown run huh…. dude get real srsly

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