Top 10 Patriots Plays from the 2019 Season | NFL Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bobby Tarantino9 Reply

Miss you guys already 😭

Chris Williams Reply

Thanks for this

YoungTDW Roblox Gaming Reply

Best plays of 2019? AMAZING QUALITY! Good job at the super bowl last year keep it up California’s routing for you.

Mickey Finn Reply

Tommy is not in any top play’s this year!!

Jd123tx Reply

Plz resign Tommy 😪

    Mickey Finn Reply

    Jd123tx he’s going to Vegas! Stidham is the man now!

Benedikt Fechter Reply

I think Josh Gordon’s catch on 3rd and 23 in week 2 against the Jets should definitely be on here

    Bronco Nation Reply

    Benedikt Fechter the pats played the dolphins week 2

    Benedikt Fechter Reply

    Bronco Nation week three then

Dragonic Overlord The End Reply

Never forget… The Bengals game. Best stuff ever…

Wyatt Norris Reply

It was a good season

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

OBJ , going off the rails. No more AB types!!! Winovich blocked punt scoop n score …I thought for sure that would have been in there, as well as Guy’s close range interception.

Patrick White Reply

Of course slater is number 1! His first TD!! He is the patriots, when people talk about the patriot way I always think slater first. Tom Brady maybe the face, bill belicheck maybe the brains, but Mathew slater is the heart!!

Birch Tree Reply

Scott Zolak’s contribution to the broadcast is yelling or belittling the other teams

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