Tony Pollard: Studying Alvin Kamara’s Game | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Najaley Hatcher Reply

Pollard good in positive

Ali Dadali Reply

I wish this young man the best. I hope he stays humble and grounded. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you in your career.

    Cool Lock Reply

    @Ali Dadali Well said!

Kevin Oreilly Reply

This guy is smooth .love the way he runs and sees the field.

    Richard Coleman Reply


    Kevin Oreilly Reply

    I would come out throwing alot in the first half .let our o line beat on them a bit .then really put the run to em in the second half .either way i feel we are a better team and should win !

kiing JuJu Reply

That Memphis slang 💪🏾

    Run It up Reply

    kiing JuJu I’m from Dallas in I already know he from Memphis the way he talk 💯💪🏾

    Dividend Income Reply

    There’s something in that BBQ lol

Capricorn Don Reply

M-Town at its best.. M.E.M.P.H.I.S….

da Star Reply

I like how he speaks of team camaraderie. Go Cowboys!

MoneyMan Ty Reply

You can hear the Memphis all in this boy lol go look at keyglock interviews I knew he was from Memphis I hear it

    get money ya dig 817 Reply

    MoneyMan Ty this my first time hearing him talk and i was like yea he a memphis kid 😂😭

    jayjaylen75 Reply

    Eightball got the same accent lol

Aron Ray Reply

We got the best one-two punch in the league in #21 and #20!!! Anybody that disagrees…..Just Watch the game Sunday night and then holla back at me on Monday mornin!!!!
We Comin!! 💪💪

    Ali Muhammad Reply


    Bj Walthall Reply

    The game against the DOLPHINS? Smdh see y’all on Sunday

jihyoo ._ Reply

We should play next week like a super bowl team

    Jayce Reply

    I think you meant like a SB game

    Calvin Phelps Reply

    Jayce she fine so it don’t matter

Cool Lock Reply

Good football IQ on this young man!

bar ridge Reply

Dude is so humble. Love this guy. Keep it up man…

Wop Wop Reply

There are ZAP/pollard ⚡️and SLAP/Zeek👋 🏈🏈🏈💪🏾cuz one gone in a zap and the other will hit you like a slap coming up that middle..LET GO BOYS 💯

Bill Bates Reply

This guy is one of the serious weapons in our arsenal. He is lightning and Zeke is THUNDER

Raymond Lew Reply

He wears same # as Darren McFadden did when he played for the Boys. He reminds me some with the
explosiveness and breakaway speed.

D B Reply

Boyee. Wait until he hits the weight’s. We have a deadly combo..

James Sorrells Reply

Go Cowboys! Let’s go get 4-0!

Clark 8 Reply

They ask the same questions over and over!

    IncogNito Revived Reply

    I can’t ever hear the questions. Gets old.

Ruminating15 Reply

once the cowboys win the superbowl, teams will be offering the house for this kid. HE’S THAT GOOD!

Kevin Ellis Reply

Tony is a great addition to the team … I think we have one the most level headed teams of my lifetime !!!

Kaptain KoRn Reply

They were also playing against the Seahawks, thier defense sucks.

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