Tony Pollard: No Slack or No Drop Off | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Noah west Reply


Stevie Mac23 Reply

You Know…

    Barbara Long Reply

    What’s your point??

Phil Skovby Reply

its looks like hes wearing a chefs hat

    IDMD8 Reply

    I like what’s he’s cooking…

    Harvard Blue Reply

    His father owns a bar b que restaurant in Menthis, he was a cook.

    Rocky Roadster Reply

    @Harvard Blue said – His father owns a bar b que restaurant in Menthis
    Where the hell is Menthis? Even Google comes up blank on that.

    Harvard Blue Reply

    @Rocky Roadster Memphis to be politically correct

    Rocky Roadster Reply

    @Harvard Blue said – Memphis to be politically correct
    Correctly spelling so people would know what the heck you mean is “politically correct?

Darrell Green Jr Reply

He’s a pretty darn good backup RB… ya know?

    OutlawStarkiller Reply

    ain’t no backups around here

    StunnaCole Reply

    @OutlawStarkiller facts

Robert Sanchez Reply

You know = 23 times

Bacilio Cedillo Reply

Hes going to be a great player for us down the line

Prince Dareshko Reply

I watched all of his college film. I thought he was a scatback, a Darren Sproles/Dion Lewis/James White back. But he’s actually a between the tackles-bruiser back.

He doesn’t go down from arm tackles and he’s got burst. Great pickup by the scouting department.

Dan Blatt Reply

Way to go Tony 👍
Congrats guy!!!

purple rage Reply

I love that Zeke & Tony have a bond.

    keith stone Reply

    Yea bro tony knows hes a role player on this team. Hes a true gem we found.

Big Jay Reply

Good game Pollard💪💪💯

Ryan Schneider VLOGS Reply

I feel like Tony Pollard assumed too much. “You know” if the interviewer “you know” knew the answers, he wouldn’t, “you know” have to ask them! lol

But hell of a game!

    N. Willy48 Reply

    Does it matter dude gets payed to play football not write speeches

    Ryan Schneider VLOGS Reply

    @N. Willy48 Take it easy, its a joke

    N. Willy48 Reply

    Ryan Schneider VLOGS kind of a low blow you know

    arnold sanders Reply

    @Ryan Schneider VLOGS + WB’s and your jokes. phhsstt

WiperHunter Reply

Congrats to Tony on a great performance and first NFL career TD.

Warwick Davis Reply

I hope this team would be more talented than your HS team and Memphis ha

Michael Buchanan Reply

Pollard you’re a beast you could close the games for sure

Jonathan Reply

How did we steal him lol..I’m still questioning his durability tho


He lets his play do the talking. Great attitude and team player.

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